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In an exclusive interview, Stellar member Minhee answered some questions surrounding the group's disbandment. The members' contracts expired and have since decided not to renew. Here's a snippet from her interview:
- When did the contract end?
"We all finished our contract with the company last Feb. 11. It was of our own decision not to renew."
- There was a disagreement among the members?
"There seem to be some people who worry about it, but not at all. There was not such a thing at all (laugh).
- Is there any possibility that we can see Stellar again?
"I do not think it will be possible .The name " Stellar " is in the company ... We try to do our best to see if there is anything we can do. "
She also shared a brief message to the fans of the group. " I am really sorry to the fans. I really wanted to thank you guys and I wanted to do a little better ... I'm sorry about that. I was greeted with a lot of greetings and thank you for your support to our members."

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Katrine   2 years ago
Every fan's worst nightmare. 😞 I wish them well whatever they choose to do from now on. Fighting!
2 years ago
rainicorn14    Katrine   2 years ago
I know..I hate disbandment news :(
I also wish them the best in whatever path they decide to take on next.

2 years ago
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