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May 4 is the 2nd anniversary of I.O.I’s debut, after the 11-member project group was formed through the first season of “Produce 101” in 2016.
To celebrate their anniversary, DIA's Chaeyeon posted a video of the members saying their greeting to fans. All the members commented on this photo using things like "Congrats", "Love you" and "Miss you".
And Chungha also posted a collage of the group’s time together and shared her congratulations and love.

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DirtyAhjumma   2 years ago
Wouldn't it be perfect if they decide to do a collab stage with WannaOne on Produce48? That'd be awesome!
2 years ago
Missjetaime94   2 years ago
I love to see them once again performing on stage.
2 years ago
Bea    Missjetaime94   2 years ago
They're amazing, I really miss IOI 
2 years ago
Missjetaime94    Bea   2 years ago
true 1 year is not enough for them to promote. I really miss them too.
2 years ago
picklednoona    Missjetaime94   2 years ago
They can do a medley of all their songs -- even the ones from their original groups!
2 years ago
Missjetaime94    picklednoona   2 years ago
truee! I hope that could happen. 🙂
2 years ago
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Jiminssi    Missjetaime94   2 years ago
Oh, the joy they would give. 😃
2 years ago
Missjetaime94    Jiminssi   2 years ago
Many fans would be so happy if that would happen
2 years ago
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