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nayeoniModerator   10 months ago
I wonder how I'm going to pay for this album
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    nayeoniModerator   10 months ago
Wonder about how we're gonna afford concert tickets. Hahahahahaha!
10 months ago
Inuko   10 months ago
Every time BTS releases a new video, they take my breath away with the concept and their beautiful voices. Makes me work harder so that I can go to one of their concerts so that I can fangirl in person!
10 months ago
picklednoona   10 months ago
So excited to see the concept for this!
10 months ago
Jiminssi   10 months ago
let's just hope that the next morning we wake up, or wallets will be filled with enough money to buy albums and concert tickets...
10 months ago

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