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Woodz has just released his new digital track 'Pool'!
You may be confused as to who Woodz is, and that's
because UNIQ's Seungyoun used to go by the solo
stage name of Luizy. He has since changed it to
'Pool' is produced by H1GHR Music's Cha Cha
Malone and features Sumin of Sonamoo.
'Pool' may be the very first banger of the summer and
is definitely one to put on the summer playlist.
Seungyoun has come a long way, and it's great
seeing him grow.
Check out 'Pool' now!

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Lauren   1 year ago
UNIQ is so underrated, I think they are amazing and they deserve so much more recognition.
1 year ago
heyarinn    Lauren   1 year ago
Totally agree with you...UNIQ do deserves more recognition.
1 year ago
JIL RAE   1 year ago
I have seen it already. The MV is good.
1 year ago