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KpoppingModerator   2 years ago
Terrible management, these girls could have done a lot better.
I'd post more about what a disgrace this is but I have interns to mismanage.

2 years ago
UminSoMuchToMe    KpoppingModerator   2 years ago
I can't agree more! They had so much

2 years ago
Krypta    KpoppingModerator   2 years ago
I became Fiestar's fan when IU had a song with them. They were nugus and it didn't help that the
company only keeps pushing Jei. But then Cao Lu and Yezi blew up big in the popularity department. I
thought it would've been the key for Fiestar to soar high as a group. The company was already there, they
had their good cards but they still failed to make the group work. I can't help but to feel upset since I've
been a fan of these girls for a long time.

2 years ago
WaNueSu   2 years ago
i'm not their fan but why is this so sad? T.T
2 years ago
Krypta    WaNueSu   2 years ago
It's always sad when a group disbands, especially if the group hasn't really succeeded yet. Makes you feel
bad for all of their hardwork and effort.

2 years ago