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sl4yn3   8 months ago
I'm happy with minghao's rise in fame.
8 months ago
Krypta    sl4yn3   8 months ago
It's funny how one hairstyle could change everything lmao
8 months ago
sl4yn3    Krypta   8 months ago
shall we try? It might be the key of our success hahah!
8 months ago
continue this thread  
jai   8 months ago
the song is so good! and they all looked
so handsome. my heart died hahaha

8 months ago
Krypta    jai   8 months ago
The maknae's visuals are slayinggggggggggggggg!
8 months ago
jai    Krypta   8 months ago
yes omg dino evolved so much!
8 months ago
Anabelpenguin   8 months ago
I've been wrecked 4168451 with this MV lmao
8 months ago
heyarinn   8 months ago
IM SNATCHED this song is BOMB :)

8 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   8 months ago
I like how they used so many different color palettes for the video. Also, it took me a long while to realize
it was in Japanese. Lol. Moshi moshi.

8 months ago
picklednoona   8 months ago
Seka seka seka seka! 😃 I wonder what it means in English. 🙂
8 months ago

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