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Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.
Our label, King Kong by Starship, and our subsidiary
House of Music will be taking strict legal action on
malicious rumors, the spread of false information,
posts that attack character, and hate comments
toward our label artists starting from May 23rd, 2018.
We have decided that we can no longer stand by as
our label artists (K.Will, Soyu, Duetto, Mind U, Mad
Clown, MONSTA X, Boyfriend, Brother Su, #Gun,
Cosmic Girls, Yoo Seung Woo, Jung Se Woon,
Jooyoung, Lee Gwang Hyun, Ahn Yoo Jin, Jang Won
Young, Cho Ga Kyun, Park Hyun Jin, Achillo, and
more), King Kong by Starship artists (Kim Bum, Kim
Ji Won, Dasom, Park Hee Soon, Yoo Yeon Suk, Lee
Kwang Soo, Lee Mi Yeon, Lee Dong Wook, Cho Yoon
Hee, Kang Eun Ah, Park Min Woo, Oh Ah Yeon, Oh
Hye Won, Yoon Jin Yi, Lee Elijah, Jang Jung Yeon,
Jung Joon Won, Cho Yoon Woo, Ji Il Joo, Choi Won
Myung, Choi Hee Jin, Han Min and more), and House
of Music artists (Moon Moon, DJ Soda, and more) are
hurt through some netizens' distorted criticism, spread
of false rumors, and defamation of character.
Recently, the judicial branch has been handing out
severe sentences such as imprisonment for illegal,
problematic malicious rumors that break the
Information Communications Network Act.
Accordingly, the label will be protect our artists'
precious and basic rights. We are currently preparing
legal action through our law firm on posts that defame
character and spread false rumors.
We will continue to take legal action toward future
cases of defamation of character and spread of false
rumors about our artists. We also request continuous
reports from fans as your reports help us greatly in
our legal action.

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Krypta   1 year ago
I had no idea Lee Dong Wook is part of starship though.......
Also, I hope Starship takes action and improves the quality of Boyfriend's music release. Those teasers
were atrocious, I hope the actual MV and song are good T.T

1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   1 year ago
Hahahaha! Hated those photos too. They were amateur at best. :(
I'm glad they're taking action against trolls now. It shows that they will protect their artists. Also, maybe
trolls will have second thoughts about posting just anything if they know they can be punished for it.

1 year ago
Kim Kim   1 year ago
I understand where Starship is coming from and these
trolls should start getting a life. Hate will always
be there, but sometimes its getting out of hand. They
have to know that these idols are human too!

1 year ago