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Krypta   2 years ago
I wonder if she could still regain the popularity she once had? sigh she was about to reach the peak of her career if only she stayed quiet
2 years ago
picklednoona    Krypta   2 years ago
Why? What'd she do?
2 years ago
Krypta    picklednoona   2 years ago
It was during the "south china sea" debacle where Chinese celebrities were posting support on china's claim over another's territory and korean netizens hated this since they weren't in favor of china. Kpop stars with chinese blood were pressured by chinese fans to support their country's claim (Lay was pressured to the point that his mom was getting threats) so popular chinese kpop idols had too. Koreans hated the chinese celebs for tolerating and supporting the claim, but hated Cao Lu more because she wasn't even popular in China and no one was really pressuring her to do so unlike Lay.
2 years ago
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DirtyAhjumma   2 years ago
I love how honest and sincere she is in variety shows. I wish her well.
2 years ago
Amada   2 years ago
wishing her the best in her new path
2 years ago
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