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On June 5, Taecyeon drove around in his car and spoke to his fans. He expressed happiness about being on break again. He said, “It's my third break. I really like my third break. My first one was when I went on break after my birthday. My second break was in March. Three months later, in June, I'm using my break again.”
He asked about the health of his fans and answered their questions when he was stopped at a red light. Taecyeon told fans that he was on his way home after running errands. He also gave fans an update on other 2PM members.
“I met Chansung yesterday!” began Taecyeon. “I met with Chansung and chatted. All of the members are so busy right now. Chansung is doing a drama and a play. Junho is filming ‘Wok of Love.'”
He added that Jun.K is receiving training at the recruit training center, Nichkhun is in Utah, and that “Wooyoung is Wooyoung.”
Taecyeon commented on the nice weather and then brought up Jun.K's letter. He said, “He wrote a really pretty letter to Hottest [2PM's official fandom]. I thought about doing it, but couldn't do it because it was too embarrassing. I guess it's not my personality.”
He told fans to eat a delicious lunch and reminded them that he has less than a year left before he's done with his military service.

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WaNueSu   2 years ago
I love how he's updating his fans if he gets a chance. It just goes to show how much he loves and cares for them
2 years ago
DirtyAhjumma   2 years ago
I hope 2PM gets back together soon. :)

2 years ago
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