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Previously, in November 2016, the BTOB member appeared on “Hello Counselor” not as a celebrity guest, but as a guest with a concern. At the time, he publicly spoke out for the first time about his hair loss, which had worsened over the course of five years to the point of the idol losing about 70 percent of his hair.
On June 11, Peniel returned having done away with the close shave from 19 months ago, a hair cut he had resorted to due to the hair loss. He said, “My hair's gotten much better. It's recovered about 70 percent.” Getting the stress about his hair out in the open and off his shoulders seems to have played a role in his improved condition, because Peniel said, “After coming on the show last time and talking about [my hair], I didn't even go back to the hospital.”

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몬베베   2 years ago
Glad that his hair grows a lot after sharing his concern with us ><
2 years ago
Krypta   2 years ago
Everyone was very supportive of him in his battle with hair loss. Perhaps the acceptance and support from the public was therapeutic enough to relieve the stress that worsened his condition. Proud of you, Peniel!
2 years ago
DirtyAhjumma   2 years ago
I hope he knows he's still loved by fans with or without the hair. 🙂
2 years ago
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