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The cast of upcoming web drama “Tofu Personified” (tentative title) met for their first script reading.
VIXX's Ken will be playing Kim Joo Heon, who is a popular and beloved celebrity. Despite his fame and status, he is completely inept when it comes to dating and romantic relationships. Park Ji Bin will take the role of Tofu, a dog who magically transforms into a human, while model-turned-actress Kim Jin Kyung will be appearing as the lovable female lead Baek Min Kyung.
The three lead actors met up at iMBC in Sangam. Their shyness didn't last long as they quickly immersed into the script. The production crew was impressed by the actors' concentration during the script reading process, which lasted more than four hours.
The production crew stated, “Park Ji Bin, VIXX's Ken, Kim Jin Kyung, and the staff completed the script reading with success. [Through it], we were able to check the actors' serious sides.”
“Tofu Personified” will air sometime in July

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sarangmina   2 years ago
Tofu personified is a weird title but kinda understandable since Tofu is the name of the dog.
2 years ago
Krypta    sarangmina   2 years ago
That's what I thought at first too. But come to think of it, having a dog named tofu is cute haha
2 years ago
Krypta   2 years ago
Wow, Park Ji Bin is already getting projects straight outta military. It felt like it was just yesterday when he enlisted and everyone was shocked since he was pretty young lol
2 years ago
WaNueSu    Krypta   2 years ago
He will soon be the oppas of fans. From being a cute child star to now an oppa lol
2 years ago
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