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On June 30, Pledis Entertainment stated that SEVENTEEN's Vernon has injured his leg in the last performance of their "Ideal Cut" concert on June 29.
"Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment
This is to inform you of the injuries and future concert stages of Vernon.
Vernon suffered a leg injury during the final stage of "2018 SEVENTEEN Concert - Ideal Cut" in Seoul on June 29. 
Despite our judgement a 3 hour show would be too difficult for Vernon to participate in fear of deteriorating his injuries, Vernon has objected to this and, in sincere wishes to perform in front of their fans who waited for him, will perfrom at their shows on June 30 and July 1. 
Because his overall condition is not very serious, Vernon will perform on stage in a chair for various performances that include choreography. 
With all the fans' understanding, we will do our best to ensure that Vernon's injuries and overall condition does not deteriorate any further and that he will finish his stages safely.
Once again, we apologize to the fans who waited a long time for "2018 SEVENTEEN Concert - Ideal Cut" in Seoul.
Thank you."

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Krypta   1 year ago
I always admired Vernon's passion when performing, I wish he'd be more popular for his skills and not his looks.
1 year ago