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Top 5:
1. BTS' Jungkook
2. BTS' V
3. BTS' Jimin
4. EXO's Sehun
5. Kim Soo Hyun

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Krypta   1 year ago
I thought the top spot would go to Jackson. Maknae lines dominating Chinese charts lmao! Great to see KSY is still on the list too ❤
1 year ago
minlulu   1 year ago
As expected of Korea's Golden Boi hahah.
1 year ago
jai   1 year ago
he is truly our golden maknae.
1 year ago
Moonlight   1 year ago
Of course, my bias is topping the chart! beautiful and perfect Jungkook
1 year ago
XxMartaxX   1 year ago
The maknae line IS the top three. what else do you expect?
1 year ago

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