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nayeoni   2 months ago

On July 11th, Twice's "Heart Shaker" MV reached 200 million views, becoming their 5th one to do so.

The MV came out on December 11, 2017 so it has taken only 7 months and almost three hours to achieve this feat!

Congratulations, Once and Twice!

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나야Rv   2 months ago

Keep going road to 400M ^_^

2 months ago
itsdanicalouise   2 months ago

It's too cute XD

2 months ago
Nicole   2 months ago

TWICE is always doing a great job. I won't be surprise if they are on the chart again.

2 months ago
minlulu    Nicole   2 months ago

They're always killing it!

2 months ago
ChanaJiHyun   2 months ago

I had not even heard of these gorgeous girls until not long ago (I know, I know O_o) but they've kiiiiiinda stolen my heart! This song is just too cute as well!

2 months ago
minlulu    ChanaJiHyun   2 months ago

Same here 🙂

2 months ago
minlulu   2 months ago

Congrats to Twice~! That is super impressive!

2 months ago
Moonlight   1 month ago

OK! This is kinda only the start, these girls are going very HIGH!

1 month ago

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