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July 11, through DreamCatcher's official Twitter account, the group's agency said, “Hello, this is Happy Face Entertainment. We are always thankful for everyone's love and support of the DreamCatcher members. However, recently, due to the actions of certain fans, the DreamCather members' privacy has not been respected, so we are making the announcement below.
“Recently, we have been encountering fans around the agency who are waiting for the DreamCatcher members when they are coming and going, secretly taking photos, and trying to speak to the members. We're always thankful to InSomnia for your love and support, but please refrain from engaging in the actions described above. Thank you.”

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DirtyAhjumma   7 months ago
I hope agencies or even the authorities can come up with a permanent solution to sasaengs. With all the stress and hard work idols have to put in, they shouldn't have to experience stalking or harassment.
7 months ago
나야Rv    DirtyAhjumma   7 months ago
I agree. I mean don't they have any law against stalking? I am not a law expert but I think what they do can be categorized as one. The following their idol around I can understand, to an extent, but the other things are just really something. They even hurt them a lot of times.
7 months ago
Nicole    나야Rv   7 months ago
How the fans are reacting is not something new to the industry. There's no way you can request or set limitations. The agency should be more systematic in handling such situations specially protecting their talents.
7 months ago
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DirtyAhjumma    나야Rv   7 months ago
I'm not sure with how it is in Korea but I know for a fact Japan has horrible stalking laws. so much so that if you get stalked, you're pretty much f**ked.
7 months ago
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highonROA    DirtyAhjumma   7 months ago
It's only a matter of time before the lax attitude towards it explodes horribly, Korea needs to wake up and act before its too late
7 months ago
나야Rv    highonROA   7 months ago
They should, but they should do it with caution.
7 months ago
itsdanicalouise   7 months ago
Poor them. But maybe those fans just got carried away.
7 months ago
Nicole    itsdanicalouise   7 months ago
Yes definitely just got carried away! Who wouldn't.
7 months ago
minlulu    itsdanicalouise   7 months ago
Yes, it would be hard not to.
7 months ago
Nicole   7 months ago
The issue is not with the fans. The agency should be prepared for this. You want something big then be prepared for bigger responsibilities.

7 months ago
minlulu    Nicole   7 months ago
I see your point. I think if the company stepped up their security, there would be definitely less of a problem.
7 months ago
looktothesky    Nicole   7 months ago
happyface ent is a small company, and dreamcatcher's popularity has grown a lot in the past few months. Maybe they didn't anticipate that Dreamcatcher would have developed a sasaeng problem so soon.
7 months ago
minlulu   7 months ago
That's just so incredibly rude and a horrible way to act as a fan of an idol, I hope they stop!
7 months ago

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