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Teachers are starting to ban students from singing "Love Scenario" in their classrooms.
Recently on mother cafes (online communities for moms), many mothers have been showing concerns about their children repeatedly singing the hit song byiKON. One mother vented frustration, asking, "My 7-year-old daughter would not stop singing 'Love Scenario'. What is wrong with her?"
"Love Scenario" - the title track of iKON's latest album 'Return' - achieved all-kills and remained #1 on real-time music charts for 43 consecutive days. It's the boy group's biggest hit so far, and even kids are loving the addictive melody.
Back on June 23, Yang Hyun Suk shared a video of the 'Love Scenario Syndrome'. The video is a compilation of children chanting the song together. He captioned, "What's going on?"
Music director Lee Min Sook, who was in charge of popular Korean kids program 'Bbo Bbo Bbo' for over 30 years, commented, "Except for the rap part, the speed is similar to a children's song and the scale is also quite simple. There are not many difficult wordings in the lyrics and the melody constantly repeats so it's easy to sing along and also play around with it by changing up the words."
A 10-year-old elementary student with the last name Lim also said, "Other idol songs are so fast and have English lyrics so it's hard to sing along but this song is easy to follow from the beginning."
However, there are concerns about children's love for "Love Scenario". Some have pointed out the lyrics and story behind the song are inappropriate for children. With this in mind, several teachers have actually banned the song in classrooms.
What are your thoughts on the 'Love Scenario Syndrome' among children?

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나야Rv   7 months ago
You can't blame for coming up with a great song and I especially can't blame the children. This song is really addicting I can even hear it inside my head playing while I read this.
7 months ago
Krypta    나야Rv   7 months ago
The lyrics are kinda weird for kids to sing considering it's about breakups and stuff but nothing about it screams severely inappropriate.
7 months ago
Renii    Krypta   7 months ago
It's not exactly a children's song but it's not inappropriate. Goodbyes and appreciating the memories doesn't have to be between lovers. It's a song for all ages that promotes healthy coping and a lesson they can learn as they grow up.
7 months ago
Peter Pan    나야Rv   7 months ago
Even me as a teenager sing it everywhere. Like who cares, I will sing if I want hahaha. Love Scenario is really addicting song.
7 months ago
minlulu   7 months ago
I find this hilarious and I bet iKon is dying over this too ^^
7 months ago
Peter Pan    minlulu   7 months ago
Should they make a Kindergarten Tour HAHAHA
7 months ago
minlulu    Peter Pan   7 months ago
That would blow their popularity up to #1 hahaha due to all of the school kids loving them ^^
7 months ago
continue this thread  
Nicole   7 months ago
It's a great song. Anyone will surely get hooked listening to this. Kids nowadays know what good music is.
7 months ago
Peter Pan    Nicole   7 months ago
Thanks to the great composer, Hanbin-hyung really a fantastic and awesome, the greatest composer.
7 months ago
ChanaJiHyun   7 months ago
I mean, when I was a kid we were all singing Genie in a Bottle and we had no idea what it meant!
(I know, I'm old...)
This is just a song (and a catchy one at that!), so I feel there's no harm! When I was teaching in Korea, I had students who would go around singing 집에 가지마 by GD and TOP and the adults would reprimand them hahaha

7 months ago
Peter Pan    ChanaJiHyun   7 months ago
Months passed but it is still trendy. iKIDs are really that addicted to it. I love those Baby-KONICs!
7 months ago
looktothesky   7 months ago
the shark song is shaking
7 months ago
Peter Pan    looktothesky   7 months ago
Hahaha. Shark song version of iKON is hilarious.
7 months ago
jai   7 months ago
Some kinda weird!
7 months ago

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