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Krypta   7 months ago
"The rules state that an artist must have released no more than 30 tracks or three albums prior to their eligibility period. This means that BTS may not qualify as a “new artist” because they have produced 97 songs, three times the maximum, since their debut." (koreaboo)
Might not qualify. These three words are very important to consider considering rule changes have been made throughout the years. Still, no matter what happens, even if BTS gets nominated or not, their achievements have all been so great and they deserve all the blessings that they have been receiving.

7 months ago
minlulu    Krypta   7 months ago
Perfectly worded, I'm kind of hoping for a rule change maybe hehe. Yoongi said that they're hoping for a Grammy now, so I'm hoping like with the Billboard wins that he predicted, a Grammy might happen as well ^^
7 months ago
Krypta    minlulu   7 months ago
Even just being nominated would be such a great thing already ❤ I hope somehow there will be another category where the boys could qualify for
7 months ago
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Nicole   7 months ago
oh such sad news to the group and BTS fans 😞 . Maybe not now but soon!
7 months ago
looktothesky   7 months ago
The grammys are on a higher level than most of the award show that BTS has been nominated for. They don't rely on popularity very much and it's easy for artists to get snubbed. I think they'll eventually win a Grammy, but armys shouldn't want bts to win because it's an award that yoongi said he wanted.
7 months ago
jai   7 months ago
Yes true..Maybe not now but so so soon! <3<3<3
7 months ago

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