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Lizzy, who recently graduated from After School after 8 years and now goes by Park Sooah, has been selected as the face and model for real estate information service "Zibnawa."
Her company Celltrion Entertainment announced this today, on the 12th of July. It was also reported that stafff within her company applauded her for her professional posture and bright/refreshing facial expressions in the promotional photos.
A source from "Zibnawa" said, "Park Sooah, who usually delivers positive energy with her outgoing and bouncy energy, is a suitable candidate for the brand."
Park Sooah also added, "I was chosen as the model for continually pursuing the growth of my versatility and appeal. We will be promoting this through active marketing on various online (websites & apps) and offline media."
"Zabinawa" is a comprehensive real estate information service that provides info on listed houses, mostly new and used villas, on their websites and applications throughout the country.
Most recently, Park Sooah was casted as the female lead in new web drama "I Picked Up A Celebrity On the Street" earlier this month, to be aired on SK-Telecon-owned Oksusu. Alongside actors Sung Hoon and Kim Gaeun, she plays an actress with huge ups and downs in her life and is currently filming her first drama since MBC's "Angry Mom" in 2015.
The web drama is expected to premiere in September.
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Krypta   1 year ago
I wonder how real estate companies would choose their models? I honestly can't imagine a face that makes me want to buy a house or building lmao.
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma    Krypta   1 year ago
I guess in the same way Anne Curtis doesn't really make me want to buy a can of Century Tuna. Hahahahaha!
1 year ago