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iKON's Jinhwan has once again received love for the good deed he has done recently.
On July 15th, Jinhwan was reported to have done his volunteer work for abandoned dogs. In the middle of summer, it's definitely not an easy thing to do so. Leaving all his idol images, Jinhwan humbly did the volunteer work while beating up the summer heat. Jinhwan himself is known for his love for dogs. He has also once featured on variety show 'Mari & Me,' where he took care of pets for a short period of time when the original owners are unable to.

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minlulu   1 year ago
And that ladies and gentlemen is why I support iKon so darn much! Jinhwan is such a sweetie omg!
1 year ago
Krypta    minlulu   1 year ago
I think I just found my newest bias hahaha I really love idols who are kind and loving to animals especially towards Dogs since im such a dog lover. I can't help but wonder, are there more idols who do volunteer work just like Jinhwan? Most idols are dog lovers but most of the time they only show love to their own good looking and well-breed dogs but how about the abandoned ones? I really wish more idols would show support and concern to abandoned dogs so that more people will be more open to adoption.
1 year ago
minlulu    Krypta   1 year ago
Yeah, me too. I was wondering the same, and I'm sure there are some idols, but we would hear more about it don't you think?
I think it would be a cool idea to do like a TV special or even just have a show where they have idols go to animal shelter and like promote adoption and it shows them working and helping out in the shelter. I feel like it would be great for the idols reputation and popularity, but also amazing for the poor animals to get homes!

1 year ago
jai   1 year ago
Its really a good deed. Good job Jinhwan.. Dog lovers here
1 year ago