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L solo album incoming!
On interview he said , "I plan to release a solo album in the 2nd half of the year, no exact date has been determined [...] I want to show new genres, trendy genres, maybe like Ed Sheeran." - L/Myungsoo
L is currently receiving songs for his solo album

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Katrine   1 year ago
He also said that if a good acting opportunity comes first, he'll do that, but if the album is ready, he'll release it. Whatever activity comes first, he wouldn't know for now. We'll just have to wait. ^^
1 year ago
Krypta   1 year ago
I died at him mentioning Ed Sheeran lmao. I love how he sees him as his inspiration though. Anyway, Myungsoo has been underrated because of his good looks. On his case, many failed to notice how good of a dancer and singer he is because of how handsome he is. Okay, he might not have killer vocals but the guy has a very distinct voice but he has showed so much improvement and I really love hearing his parts in Infinite's songs. He's also a decent rapper. I'm really looking forward for his solo release. MAKE IT HAPPEN, WOOLIM!!!
1 year ago
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