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minlulu   1 year ago
Speaking about how Hui couldn't participate in composing for this album, E'Dawn began, “I talked a lot with Hui about the direction of Triple H's music. We were going to work on it together, but he was also participating in the songwriting competition ‘Breakers.'” Hui competed on the Mnet show this year and came in second overall.
E'Dawn continued, “He was writing two to three songs a week. I didn't know how to work on the song and went to ask him at his studio, and his nose was bleeding. I felt sorry that he might feel stressed.”
HyunA made others laugh when she said, “I wanted to receive a track from the genius songwriter. He was working hard on PENTAGON's music.”
Hui stated, “I felt sorry. I wanted to participate, but I couldn't easily bring it up because I thought that I'd cause harm if I couldn't concentrate while making Triple H's music. I worried that I wouldn't be able to come out with great songs if I became too ambitious.”

Poor Hui, this year has been really big for the guy. I'm not mad at all that he didn't get to work on this album. I think his singing was phenomenal and that he really showed his strength in that area.
I'm glad we got to see more of E'dawn and Hyuna's skills with this album anyway. Overall all of their work really came together to make a beautiful album ^^

1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
It would've been nice to if Hui got to participate in the creation process but hearing about him having a nosebleed kind of makes me wish he took a full break instead. 😞
1 year ago
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