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It looks like Chaeyoung's been hitting the gym recently!
TWICE's Chaeyoung is known for being quite smol (small and cute). According to Chaeyoung herself, she's “kind, but not soft.”
chaeyoung 6
But she's also proven to be quite muscular as well!
chaeyoung 2
Chaeyoung is already known for having incredibly well-shaped shoulders.
As well as well-defined biceps.
chaeyoung 4
Korean netizens can't believe how such a small girl could have such toned muscles.
chaeyoung 5
She definitely fits both of her most popular nicknames, “Baby Beast” and “Strawberry Princess.”

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minlulu   10 months ago
Wow, she really has such a nice body. Like the article says, her shoulders and biceps are incredibly well shaped.
It's usually pretty hard for women to get muscular and nicely shaped arms, especially the upper arm, she must be putting a lot of work into her body ^^.

10 months ago
Moonlight   10 months ago
Talking about body goals!! she reminds me a bit of Amber, for not having your typical delicate and slim body type, I think she looks powerful!!
10 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   10 months ago
I'm surprised her agency allowed her. Male fans usually like their idols...dainty. I'm loving it though. Diversity! Yaaaas!
10 months ago
Nicole   10 months ago
Wow such determination though its not really needed, she is already sexy.
10 months ago

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