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Lee Ji-eun

Hometown SEOUL
South Korea
Date of birth May 16, 1993
Blood type A
Position in group unknown


Lee Jieun, better known by her stage name IU, is of the most successful solo artists in K-pop history.

  1. Languages spoke: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese
  2. Training period: 2007-2008
  3. Star sign: Taurus
  4. Schooling: Dongduk Women’s High School
  5. After IU’s contract with Kakao M expired, she agreed to renew the contract but with one condition, that is to keep the IU team by her side and increase their salaries all together
  6. When IU was part of Good Entertainment she was supposed to debut as "5 girls" together with G.NA, After School's Uee, Wonder Girl's Yubin, 4minute's Gayoon and Secret's Hyosung
  7. Her company gave her name, IU which has the meaning ‘You’ and ‘I’ will become one through music.
  8. IU is best friends with Suzy, Jiyeon and actress Yoon In Na
  9. IU said that in the past she struggled with bulimia
  10. IU failed an audition at JYP but got into Leon Entertainment. Later JYP said that he was going to fire whoever let IU go
  11. IU's family suffered from financial difficulties so she would stay with her brother, cousin, and grandmother in one home. However that home was infested with cockroaches
  12. IU has been nominated for more than 100 awards, winning over fifty of them
  13. In 2012 IU was identified as one of the most influential people in South Korea by Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, since then she has been mentioned five more times
  14. in 2015 and later in 2018 IU has made two seperate donations of ₩100,000,000 (roughly $90,000 USD) to the Green Umbrella Children's Fund
  15. IU established a scholarship at her high school alma-mater in 2016 and regularly donates there. The scholarship is dubbed the "IU Scholarship" designed to help graduates from underdeveloped families.
  16. In 2018 IU provided ₩20,000,000 ($18,000 USD) in financial aid to five college students, helping cover their room and board
  17. IU is an ambassador for South Korea's National Police Agency in their anti-bullying campaigns. She was made an honorary member of the police force in 2013
  18. Starcraft 2's Void ray is nicknamed the IU ray because during its charge up is in sync with IU's 3 high notes in "Good Day"


Native name
May 16, 1993 (age 25)
South Korea
Years active
2008 - present

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