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-Dol Shortened version of the word ‘idol’ to be combined with another word to describe a group or person. (Example: “beagle-dols,” “model-dols,” “fairy-dols.”)
4D Personality Refers to someone with a weird or unique traits and behavior. They can be wacky and sometimes out of this world.
Aegyo The act or ability to display cuteness.
Age line Refers to people born of the same year.
Aigoo An expression used to show frustration or exhaustion.
Akgae Fan Refers to an individual fan who only likes one member of a group and doesn’t really care about the other members. Akgae fans tend to support their bias so much to the extent that they bash the other members.
All-Kill An All-Kill happens when a song reaches #1 on every major music site's real-time charts.
Anti-Fan Also referred as Antis, an anti-fan is someone who expresses hate against a celebrity.
Bagel girl Is a term used to describe a female celebrity with a cute face and glamorous figure.
Beagle Idols Refers to celebrities who are very energetic, mischievous, noisy, and most of all, ridiculously adorable.
Bias Refers to a fan’s favorite member or celebrity.
Bias Wrecker Is an idol that makes a fan rethink about who his/her bias really is.
Big 3 Is used to call the three major labels in Kpop: SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment. However, the list has become a topic of argument among fans due to the progress of other labels.
Bonsang Bonsang is a main award given to up to 12 artists by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony.
Busking Event A promotional event wherein Artists perform for free on the streets.
Center Member Center is a term and position popularized from the show Produce 101. Center members are those that are usually the most talented or most attractive.
CF A commercial film for an endorsement.
Chingu Is the korean word for friend.
Choding Is an elementary student. It is also used to refer childish people.
Chuseok A Harvest Festival celebration, similar to Thanksgiving in America.
Comeback Stage The first performance in a music program for the promotion of a new title track or single. There is no minimum time wait following the promotion of the previous title track. An artist usually has a special comeback performance on each of the music shows.
Daebak Is a term used to express amazement. It can be synonymous to ‘Big Win’, ‘Great Success’, and ‘Awesome’.
Daesang A Daesang is a Grand Prize in an award ceremony. While the “Bongsang” award is given to a number of the top artists of the year, the “Daesang Award” is only given to the best artist of the year. Basically, the “Bongsang” is a nomination to be able to win the “Daesang.”
Digital Single A song that is only available through an online download.
Dongsaeng It means Younger Sibling.
Dream Concert It is one of the largest annual concerts in Korea, having many of K-Pop’s biggest names appear on the same stage. The event is not to be confused with the similarly named “Hallyu Dream Concert.”
Dubu It means tofu in Korean and is given as a nickname for idols who are considered soft and cute. (Example: SHINee’s Onew and TWICE’s Dahyun)
Eye-Smile A popular facial characteristic that that has the eyes curve into a crescent shape while smiling.
Fan-chant Are the words chanted by fans in unison during an artist’s performance.
Fancafe Is a big forum hosted by DAUM, a korean web portal. Many Korean idols and agencies use this to post updates and reach out to fans.
Fanservice Refers to the behavior and activities that an idol would do just to please fans.
Fighting! / Hwaiting! Is a Korean word of support or encouragement. It is similar to “You can do it!” or “Do your best!”.
Flower boy Male idols with a pretty face and soft-looking features.
Goodbye Stage Refers to the last performance on a music program before ending promotions for a song.
Hallyu The Korean Wave. It is the term for the increased popularity of Korean culture around the world.
Hanbok Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress.
Honorifics Honorific is a title or word implying or expressing high status, politeness, or respect. It serves great importance to the Korean Culture.
Hoobae Hoobae is a Korean Term used to describe someone with less experience, basically a Junior. It is opposite to Sunbae which means someone with more experience, basically a Senior.
Hook A musical or lyrical phrase that stands out and is easily remembered. The term generally applies to popular music. Because of it is frequently used in making popular music, people have complained that pop music is too repetitive.
Hyung Hyung means older brother. It used by younger male to elder male.
Idol It is the general term for young K-Pop entertainers who trained in various fields such as singing, dancing, and overall stage performance.
Iljin Refers to a bully or troublemaker, often involved in malicious and sometimes even gang-affiliated activities. Many idols have come under fire for being suspected of being an iljin in the past.
ISAC ISAC stands for Idol Star Athletics Championships. It is basically a multi-sport event broadcasted by MBC. Idols would gather together and team-up to compete in various sports like Basketball, Archery, and more.
Jjang Jjang is a term and expression that means “Best” and “Great” or “Cool”.
JYP Park Jin Young, also known as J.Y. Park. He is the founder of JYP Entertainment.
JYP Nation Is the collective name of the artists under JYP Entertainment.
Kcon Kcon is an annual Kpop music convention held in different locations around the world.
Makjang Is a melodrama with an over-the-trop premise or over-used plotlines.
Maknae The youngest member of the group.
Menbung Mental Breakdown
Mini Album Is an album that usually contains three to four tracks in addition to remixes or instrumentals.
MR Removed A song that has had it’s music backing removed so that only the singer’s voice is heard. They can be used to hear how well a singer can perform live.
Multifandom Fan that supports many groups and fandoms.
MV Music Video
Netizen A internet citizen.
Noona Is a big sister. It is a term used by males towards females older than them.
Noraebang Means karaoke
Nugu Nugu is used to refer to celebrities who failed to receive any recognition; or equivalent to “Nobodies”. It means “Who” in Korean.
Omona A korean expression that is the same as “Oh my Gosh”.
Oppa Is an older brother. It is a term used by females towards a males older than them.
OTP It means One True Pair.
Pepero Day It is similar to Valentine's day, the only difference is that it happens every November 11 and koreans gift their loved ones with snacks called Pepero.
Perfect All-Kill When a song reaches #1 on every major music site's real-time and daily charts
PV It stands for “Promotional Video”, often used for Japanese releases.
Random dance play Is a game popularized in the TV show Weekly Idol. In the game, a song will randomly play and idols are to dance according to their choreography.
Repackaged Album Albums that are re-released with a new title track, in addition to other tracks and remixes.
Saeguk Korean Historical Dramas.
Sajaegi Is the manipulation of chart rankings by entertainment companies.
Samchon Fans Also called as Uncle Fans, they are usually known for having a higher spending ability due to having regular jobs.
Sasaeng Refers to the obsessive fans who follow their favorite celebrities day and night, even if it means causing disturbance.
Satoori A regional dialect and accent. Many idols are known for their Satoori accent such as APink’s Eunji and BTS’ Suga.
Selca Short for self camera and synonymous to Selfie.
SM Town The Large concert tour involving all SM Entertainment Artists. It is also the collective term for all artists under SM Entertainment.
Sub-unit A smaller group formed with members of a larger group for a music release or project.
Sunbae Sunbae is a Korean term used to describe someone with more experience, basically a Senior. It is opposite to Hoobae which means someone with less experience, basically a Junior.
Survival Show Television programs that lets trainees compete against each other in order to earn a spot on a group. (Example: Produce 101, Idol School, and more)
Title Track It is the song that will be promoted through a music video and performed in music shows.
Triple Crown It happens when an artist wins three consecutive times on the show M! Countdown and Inkigayo.
Ulzzang A Korean term which means “Good-looking” or “Best Faced”.
Unnie It means Big sister. Unnie is used by females toward older females.
White Day It is celebrated in Japan and Korea every March 14. On this day, men pay back women who gave them chocolate on Valentines day.
YG Family The collective term for YG Entertainment Artists

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