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Produce X 101

"Produce X 101" was a boy group reality survival program developed by CJ E& M which aired on Mnet channel from May 3 - July 19, 2019. It was the fourth season of the "Produce" franchise that lead to the creation and debut of IOI, Wanna One, and IZ*ONE. Just like its predecessors, "Produce X 101" featured trainees competing against each other for a chance to debut as a member of a boy group, this is made possible by the public serving as "producers" who had the power to vote among the pool of trainees.
By the end of the series, 11 male trainees were chosen to become part of the boy group which ultimately debuted as X1.

Joohoney (Special Trainer)
Soyou (Special Trainer)
Bae Yoonjung (Dance)
Kwon Jae Sung (Dance)
Cheetah (Rap)
Shin Yoo Mi (Vocals)
Lee Seok Hoon (Vocals)
Lee Dong Wook (MC)
Group created:
May 3, 2019 - Jul 19, 2019
98 contestants
11 survivors
33.2M votes
12 episodes
77 day(s) duration

Contestants of Produce X 101

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
14th Jinhyuk Jinhyuk Bill Entertainment B A
2nd Wooseok Wooseok TOP Media 4.4M B A
21st Kook Heon Kook Heon A A
15th Yuvin Yuvin Flex M A A
5th Woodz Woodz EDAM Entertainment 2.2M B B
3rd Han Seung Woo Han Seung Woo IST Entertainment 2.9M A A
Byungchan Byungchan New Ways Company Co., Ltd A A
7th Hangyul Hangyul PocketDol Studio 2.2M C B
26th Hyeonsu Hyeonsu AAP.Y Entertainment A A
44th Sunghyun Sunghyun WAKEONE C C
77th Hyunsik Hyunsik One Cool Jacso Entertainment C D
1st Kim Yohan Kim Yohan OUI Entertainment 4.5M A C
9th Junho Junho Woollim Entertainment 2.4M C C
6th Dongpyo Dongpyo DSP Media 2.8M B A
10th Minhee Minhee Starship Entertainment 1.8M X D
11th Eunsang Eunsang Brand New Music 3.2M A C
4th Hyeongjun Hyeongjun Starship Entertainment 3.7M X D
8th Dohyon Dohyon PocketDol Studio 3.1M A D
22nd Jinwoo Jinwoo Maroo Entertainment C B
53rd Taeseung Taeseung X F
41st Woojin Woojin Maroo Entertainment X F
27th Sihun Sihun Brand New Music B A
51st Seongjun Seongjun Brand New Music B F
38th Junghwan Junghwan Brand New Music A B
68th Youngbin Youngbin SE Group Entertainment B C
72nd Steven Steven SE Group Entertainment X D
13th Jungmo Jungmo Starship Entertainment X F
16th Wonjin Wonjin Starship Entertainment D A
36th Baekjin Baekjin B F
40th Yuri Park Yuri Park ESteem Entertainment B D
33rd Wonhyuk Wonhyuk E Entertainment B D
47th Wonjun Wonjun E Entertainment B D
24th Hyeop Hyeop Woollim Entertainment C D
18th Yunseong Yunseong Woollim Entertainment B D
29th Changuk Changuk Woollim Entertainment D B
23rd Dongyun Dongyun Woollim Entertainment D B
52nd Minseo Minseo Woollim Entertainment X F
46th Junseong Junseong Maroo Entertainment B D
35th Kang Seokhwa Kang Seokhwa OUI Entertainment C B
30th Hyun Bin Hyun Bin Rain Company D A
60th BOYHOOD BOYHOOD South Buyers Club A C
75th Junhyuk Junhyuk DSP Media C A
17th Keum Keum C9 Entertainment C B
74th Jinhwa Jinhwa WUZO Entertainment A D
37th Midam Midam AAP.Y Entertainment B C
58th Guno Guno Dream Passport C F
45th Sungyeon Sungyeon C B
49th Mahiro Mahiro Dream Passport D D
42nd Dongbin Dongbin One Cool Jacso Entertainment B C
80th Dyno Dyno C C
61st Anzardi Timothée Anzardi Timothée ESteem Entertainment X
66th Byeon Seongtae Byeon Seongtae DSP Media D D
98th Byunghoon Byunghoon COMMAND THE-M Entertainment D F
79th Sihyuk Sihyuk Around US Entertainment B C
28th Suhwan Suhwan LYNNA Entertainment A A
56th Huijun Huijun MD Entertainment X F
57th Gichan Gichan X C
83rd Jinho Jinho C B
44th Sunghyun Sunghyun C C
84th Geumryul Geumryul Yue Hua Entertainment C B
64th Hyunwoo Hyunwoo B C
39th Jaehun Jaehun A C
71st Myunghoon Myunghoon AAP.Y Entertainment B B
99th Dongkyu Dongkyu D B
30th Hyeonbin Hyeonbin Cube Entertainment D A
90th Hyeongmin Hyeongmin D B
62nd Jingon Jingon ESteem Entertainment X D
94th Junjae Junjae X F
12th Minkyu Minkyu X D
82nd Minseo Minseo Urban Works Entertainment D C
89th Seunghwan Seunghwan ESteem Entertainment X D
50th Peak Peak Chanderlier Music D D
34th Taeeun Taeeun X F
55th Yoo Jinwoo Yoo Jinwoo Namoo Actors X F
76th Gyuhyung Gyuhyung C D
63rd Hamin Hamin Chrome Entertainment A B
67th Hwan Hwan DSP Media B B
95th Jaebin Jaebin B B
88th Sangho Sangho GOST Agency X X
19th Han Sejin Han Sejin X F
97th Dahun Dahun C D
59th Moon Junho Moon Junho X F
69th Oh Saebom Oh Saebom MAXXAM Entertainment C C
93rd Sion Sion X F
25th Sunho Sunho B C
48th Yunsol Yunsol C A
73rd Changha Changha C B
87th Sung Minseo Sung Minseo Model Directors D D
20th Tony Yu Tony Yu CTDENM A F
78th Shita Shita Starweave Entertainment D D
91st June June Dream Passport D C
43rd Wei Zi Yue Wei Zi Yue Hongyi Entertainment C F
54th Jewon Jewon FirstOne Entertainment A C
70th Yoo Geunmin Yoo Geunmin Million Market C D
92nd Saebyeol Saebyeol HOWLING Entertainment D C
86th Yu Seongjun Yu Seongjun Yue Hua Entertainment X F
96th E:dan E:dan GOST Agency X F
Yoon Seobin Yoon Seobin SUBLIME C X

Rank of Produce X 101

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
1st Kim Yohan Kim Yohan OUI Entertainment 4.5M A C
2nd Wooseok Wooseok TOP Media 4.4M B A
3rd Han Seung Woo Han Seung Woo IST Entertainment 2.9M A A
4th Hyeongjun Hyeongjun Starship Entertainment 3.7M X D
5th Woodz Woodz EDAM Entertainment 2.2M B B
6th Dongpyo Dongpyo DSP Media 2.8M B A
7th Hangyul Hangyul PocketDol Studio 2.2M C B
8th Dohyon Dohyon PocketDol Studio 3.1M A D
9th Junho Junho Woollim Entertainment 2.4M C C
10th Minhee Minhee Starship Entertainment 1.8M X D
11th Eunsang Eunsang Brand New Music 3.2M A C

Episode 1

Aired: May 3, 2019

Episode: 1

The Pilot episode of Produce X 101 featured the contestants choosing their preferred seats among the chairs that are numbered from 1 to 100, before being informed about several changes that will be applied in this season. Contestants then performed according to their company for evaluation. The mentors graded their performances and assigned them into temporary groups for training: A, B, C, D, and X, with A being the highest and X the lowest. By the end of the episode, the popularity ranking is revealed, with Jellyfish Entertainment's Kim Min-kyu taking 1st place.

Episode 2

Aired: May 10, 2019

Episode: 2

The trainees react to the first episode along with the MC, Actor Lee Dong-wook. The evaluation from Episode 1 continues until all the trainees are evaluated. The trainees in groups A, B, C, and D are taken to the dormitories and are given roommates and uniforms. They are told that they will be training and performing the theme song, "X1-MA", on M! Countdown. Instead of being sent home, the X trainees were secretly taken to a different training center to receive specialized training. Each contestant records video evaluations for the song. The episode ends with the popularity ranking showing Oui Entertainment's Kim Yo-han in 1st place.

Episode 3

Aired: May 17, 2019

Episode: 3

The trainees film themselves individually performing "X1-MA." Each video is watched by the mentors, who then reevaluate the trainees. Afterwards, the trainees are given their new grade and move into their new rooms corresponding to their rank. Following the reorganization, they are told that the center position of the "X1-MA" performance will be instead chosen by audience vote instead of trainee vote. DSP Media's Son Dong-pyo, Brand New Music's Kim Si-hun, and TOP Media's Kim Woo-seok are shown to be the Top 3, with Son Dong-pyo winning. Trainees who are reevaluated as X will not be able to appear in the performances.

The trainees begin the Group X Battle, where they are competing with are a group's debut song and their a hit song. The teams are: EXO's "MAMA" v. "Love Shot", BTS's "No More Dream" v. "Blood Sweat and Tears", Monsta X's "Trespass" v. "Dramarama", Seventeen's "Adore U" v. "Clap", NU'EST W's "Dejavu" v. "Where U At", Wanna One's "Energetic" v. "Light", NCT U's "The 7th Sense" v. "Boss", and Got7's "Girls, Girls Girls" v. "Lullaby". All songs are performed live and each member is voted on by the audience individually. The group with the highest score among the two wins and gains a benefit of 3000 bonus votes for each of its members, with the highest-ranked member, will gain an extra benefit of having his score multiplied by 10 in addition of the 3000 bonus votes. The group with the highest votes will later perform on M! Countdown. Rehearsals and performances of "MAMA," "Love Shot," and "No More Dream" are shown. The episode ends with the current rankings, with Oui Entertainment's Kim Yo-han maintaining his 1st-place position.

Episode 4

Aired: May 24, 2019

Episode: 4

The rehearsals and performances of the remaining teams are shown. Monsta X's Jooheon appears as a special trainer. After the last performance, trainees are shown their rankings based on the audience and bonus votes. Source Music's Kim Hyunbin places 1st in individual votes. His team, BTS's "No More Dream" (composed of Kim Hyunbin, Kim Sungyeon, Hong Sunghyun, Steven Kim, Won Hyunsik, and Lee Sangho) also earned the most points in the group battle competition, earning the opportunity to perform a special M! Countdown stage.

Episode 5

Aired: May 31, 2019

Episode: 5

The first elimination round begins with the remaining 99 contestants entering the main studio by company. In between announcements of each trainee's ranking, events leading up to the elimination are shown, such as their dorm life and a hidden camera prank. A poll for 'Top Visual' was also conducted, in which Jellyfish Entertainment's Kim Mingyu was ranked 1st. During the ceremony, trainees from rank 1 to 60 will move on to the next round while trainees from rank 61 to 99 will be eliminated from the competition. Oui Entertainment's Kim Yohan takes 1st place in the first elimination round. Jung Jae-hun finishes 60th place, narrowly escaping elimination. The episode ends with the contestants comforting the eliminated trainees.

Episode 6

Aired: Jun 7, 2019

Episode: 6

Lee Dong-wook meets with the trainees once again to announce the next challenge. The trainees are tasked to perform live in groups based on positions they want to debut in: vocal, dance, rap, or "X". "X" is a new position that requires trainees to perform two of the three aforementioned positions simultaneously. There are four songs for vocals (Paul Kim's "Me After You", Hwasa's "Twit", Bolbbalgan4's "To My Youth", and Wanna One's "Day by Day"), three songs for dance (Imagine Dragons's "Believer", Bruno Mars's "Finesse", and Jason Derulo's "Swalla"), two songs for rap (Zico's "Tell Me Yes or No" and Haon, Vinxen's "Barcode"), and two songs for "X" (Charlie Puth's "Attention", for vocal x dance, and SMTM4's "Turtle Ship", for rap x dance). Each song has a member limit and would be picked by each trainee based on their ranks: Kim Yohan who ranked 1st from the first elimination round would have the privilege of choosing the song he wants to perform first. The winner from each performance in the vocal, dance, and rap positions will receive 100 times their votes while the winner among all songs of each category will receive 100,000 votes. For the "X" position, the winner from each performance will receive 200 times their votes while the overall winner will receive 200,000 votes. After each performance, they are ranked in their groups first and then overall in the category. Lee Dong-wook also announces that only the top 30 trainees will remain in the next round. Only five groups are covered this week.

Episode 7

Aired: Jun 14, 2019

Episode: 7

The remaining teams perform their respective stages and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants are shown their overall ranking based on their positions. Kim Woo-seok, Kang Hyeon-su, and Won Hyuk emerged as the overall winners of the vocal, dance, and rap positions, respectively, each of them earning 100,000 votes along with their audience votes times 100. Lee Jin-hyuk emerged as the overall winner of the "X" position, earning 200,000 votes along with his audience votes times 200.

Episode 8

Aired: Jun 21, 2019

Episode: 8

Lee Dongwook announces the beginning of the next evaluation prior to the second round of eliminations, meaning that all 60 boys that have survived so far will continue to practice for the performances, but not all of them may get to perform. The evaluation is revealed to be a concept evaluation where viewers chose group formations from a poll online. Lee Dongwook introduces the six songs: Funky Retro Dance "Pretty Girl" (KZ, Nthonious & The-Private), Future Funk "Super Special Girl" (Kwon Deun Guk), Mainstream Pop "MOVE" (Zico), R&B, Dance House "Monday To Sunday" (PrimeBoi) and Future EDM Dance "U Got It" (Noheul & Kiggen). The second round of eliminations takes place during the second half of the episode with the remaining 60 contestants from each company are seen entering the main studio. Names of the top 30 trainees are called by Lee Dongwook one by one starting from rank 29. The contenders for 1st place were Kim Yo-Han, Song Hyeong-jun, Lee Jin-hyuk & Kim Woo-Seok. It is then announced that Kim Woo-Seok ranked at 1st place. Meanwhile, the contenders for 30th place were Joo Chang-Uk, Kim Dong-Yoon, Moon Hyun-bin & Won Hyuk. It is announced that Joo Chang-Uk ranked on the 30th. Lee Dongwook says that the trainees can have a second chance by recording a video of their dance of "X1-MA" and a 1-minute introduction video appealing to the National Producers to give them another chance. The National Producers can vote for 1 eliminated trainee, and voting ends within 24 hours after the end of this episode.

Episode 9

Aired: Jun 28, 2019

Episode: 9

After the Second Elimination, the 30 trainees move to Concept Evaluation Performance, and then Representative MC Lee Dong-wook announces that only 6 trainees are needed in each group and the trainees have to vote on who is staying.

After heading to the new groups, the teams head to the recording studio to meet with their Producers to record their song. After that, Lee Dong-wook then reveals the X trainee (in which one trainee can go back after recording a video for the National Producers to vote) before revealing, Lee Dong-wook calls four candidates for the X trainee, He calls: Kwon Taeun (A.CONIC), Moon Hyunbin (Starship Entertainment), Kim Dong-yun (Woolim Entertainment) and Baek Jin (VINE Entertainment). It is then revealed that Kim Dong-yun was chosen as the X trainee. Then Lee Dong-wook gives each team 30 minutes whether they want to recruit Dong-yun. If no one recruits Dong-yun, he will have to choose a team randomly. In the end, Team Monday to Sunday recruits Dong-yun to their team. They now practice in order to prepare for the stage.

Episode 10

Aired: Jul 5, 2019

Episode: 10

Each concept stage was shown along with behind the scenes practices, training, and recording for each group. After each group performed, Lee Dong-wook gathered the trainees and announced the rankings for each group and for each trainee among the groups. "U Got It" was announced to be the first place team, with trainee Kim Yo-han taking the overall first rank spot, gaining the most benefit votes.

Episode 11

Aired: Jul 12, 2019

Episode: 11

Lee Dong-wook then announces the start of the 3rd elimination. He mentions Plan A's Choi Byung-chan, who was absent during filming, has left the show and will not be advancing to the finals. He also reveals that only 20 trainees will survive. The episode continues with the makeup tips segment headed by the YouTuber Ssinnim, and the trainees' Sports Games segment, with "Pretty Girl" team winning overall. Afterwards, the elimination announcement starts, starting from 19th place going up. The four candidates for 1st place are revealed, who are Han Seung-woo, Lee Jin-hyuk, Kim Woo-seok, and Kim Yo-han. The segment for trainees choosing their fixed pick starts, and Hwang Yun-seong takes first place for the most votes and wins a brand new Samsung phone. The announcement continues, and the ones battling for 1st place are Kim Woo-seok and Kim Yo-han, with 1st place ultimately going to Kim Yo-han.

The candidates for 20th place are revealed, Kim Kook-heon, Lee Se-jin, Lee Jin-woo, and Kim Dong-yun. In 23rd and 22nd place is Kim Dong-yun and Lee Jin-woo, respectively. The two remaining trainees are called up to the stage and give their last speeches. The 20th place ends up going to Lee Se-jin.

Afterwards, the remaining 20 trainees choose their debut evaluation song, "To My World" (Drew Ryan Scott, Sean Alexander, Phil Schwan) or "Boyness" (Hui from Pentagon, Flow Blow) and choose their positions during as well. Higher ranked trainees have the advantage of kicking off other trainees in the position they want and move them to a lower position. The episode ends with the trainee's individual cards being flashed on screen and the official time of the final, which was changed to 8PM KST from 11PM to accommodate the younger trainees.

Episode 12

Aired: Jul 19, 2019

Episode: 12

The episode started off with the final trainees doing a final journal in a practice room. They talked about their adventure and progress on the show. Once voting was opened, the trainees perform the show's title song "X1_MA". Lee Dongwook then revealed the name of the group, as was voted on by the public, "X1". "X1" is meant to represent the show's title song "X1_MA", the 11 trainees in roman numerals, and the 10+X theme of the show. They then showed some behind the scenes recording and practices for "Boyness" and "To My World", even teasing who the group centers would be. During the live performance following these clips, it was revealed that Song Yuvin was chosen as the center for "Boyness" and Hwang Yunseong was chosen as the center for "To My World". After the performances of each debut song all 20 trainees then performed the song "Dream For You" with some behind the scenes clips played beforehand. The ranking announcement started from the contestant who ranked at 10th place which was Starship's Kang Min-hee followed by Woolim's Cha Jun-ho at 9th, MBK's Nam Do-hyon at 8th, MBK's Lee Han-gyul at 7th, DSP's Son Dong-pyo at 6th, Yuehua's Cho Seung-youn at 5th, Starship's Song Hyung-jun at 4th, and Plan A's Han Seung-woo at 3rd, confirming them for debut. Then, TOP's Kim Woo-seok and OUI's Kim Yo-han are called up as contenders for 1st, with Kim Yo-han taking the first place, confirming his position as X1's center. The contenders for the X place were Jellyfish's Kim Min-gyu, Starship's Koo Jung-mo, Brand New Music's Lee Eun-sang and TOP's Lee Jin-hyuk. It was then announced that the X and final spot for X1 went to Lee Eun-sang.

Controversy of Produce X 101

In 2019, several viewers began to voice out their suspicions that Mnet had tampered with the total votes after noticing numerical inconsistencies in the final episode. In response to these allegations, Mnet admitted that there were prior errors to their calculations, but remained firm that the final rankings are correct and there were no intention of changing the group's official line-up. Moreover,14 representatives from entertainment agencies of the 20 finalists held a meeting on July 29, 2019, and agreed to support Produce X 101's outcome and X1's debut.

On August 1, 2019, 272 viewers filed a lawsuit against Mnet for electoral fraud, as their on-site text voting service charged ₩100 per vote. South Korean Politician Ha Tae-kyung also condemned Mnet, stating that some of the numbers had a low probability of naturally occurring. By August 20, 2019, a search warrant was issued on CJ E&M offices and a text voting company by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. During their initial search, the police uncovered voice recordings of the staff members discussing vote manipulation on the previous seasons of the show, resulting in them extending their investigation to all four seasons of the Produce 101 series, Idol School, Show Me The Money, and even Superstar K. Following these events, several brands cancelled their endorsement deals with X1 or put them on hold. In spite of this, X1's debut proceeded as planned.

On October 1, 2019, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed that votes from the eliminated trainees were added to the total votes of the members who debuted in X1, a process that affected 2-3 trainees who were originally in the top 11. The police issued a search and seizure warrant on the offices of Starship Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and MBK Entertainment. The police also investigated several agencies involved in Produce 48. Reportedly, according to the contract signed with CJ E&M, the entertainment agencies were paid ₩100,000 for every episode their talent appeared in. An anonymous trainee alleged only ₩1 million was given to their talent agencies for participating in a song, while each participant would only get a small percentage, and CJ E&M would keep additional profits if the song performed well. Some entertainment agencies who disagreed would request their talents to be eliminated at the last minute to withdraw them.

By October 15, 2019, MBC broadcast a feature on the vote rigging controversy on PD Note. Participants of Produce X 101 and Idol School and agency officials alleged anonymously that the production teams were biased to trainees they preferred, such as forcing song producers to give certain trainees more lines and providing them with more screen time. An anonymous trainee alleged that one trainee, under pressure from Starship Entertainment, was secretly informed about a mission in advance by one of the choreographers. He also alleged that some trainees knew the final rankings before the results were announced, and that a trainee from Woollim Entertainment was told by a team leader that only one person from their company would debut in X1.

Two trainees alleged that the center position for the theme song, "X1-MA", was originally assigned to a different contestant chosen by trainee vote before the producers changed it to audience vote it at the last minute. A fourth trainee claimed that many participants felt the show was biased towards trainees from Starship Entertainment. Staff members anonymously alleged that, for the final ranking results, only one off-site producer had counted the votes in a separate room and sent them the results via text message.
Following the report, on October 16, 2019, the police began investigating whether the producers had accepted money for manipulating the votes. On October 17, 2019, Korea Communications Standards Commission revealed that they may fine Mnet up to ₩30 million for violating the Enforcement Decree of the Broadcasting Act.

On November 5, 2019, director Ahn and chief producer Kim Yong-bum were arrested. During questioning, Ahn admitted to having manipulated the rankings for Produce 48 and Produce X 101. Police also found that Ahn had been using services from adult entertainment establishments in Gangnam paid for by various talent agencies approximately 40 times beginning from the second half of 2018, estimating to ₩100 million.

On May 29, 2020, director Ahn Joon-young and chief producer Kim Yong-bum have been sentenced to 2-year and 20 months of jail time respectively. On November 18, 2020, The 1st Criminal Division of the Seoul High Court sentenced CJ ENM's general producer Kim Yong-beom, who was charged with obstruction and fraud, to 1 year and 8 months in prison. On the same day, the judiciary also directly disclosed the names of the trainees who were unjustly eliminated, which included Anzardi Timothee (61st), whose first voting results were manipulated, Kim Kookheon (21st) and Lee Jinwoo (22nd), who were eliminated due to the manipulation of the third voting, and Koo Jung-mo (13th), Lee Jinhyuk (14th), and Keum Donghyun (17th), who were supposed to be in the 6th to 8th places of the final rankings.

The voting manipulation investigation led X1 to halt their activities indefinitely. However, by January 6th 2020, the group announced their official disbandment.

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