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SuperBand 2

SuperBand 2 (슈퍼밴드2; also stylized as Superband 2 and Super Band 2) is a 2021 reality survival show that was broadcasted on JTBC every Monday at 9:00 p.m. KST from June 21, 2021 to October 4, 2021. It is the sequel to SuperBand, where band Hoppípolla was formed.Unlike SuperBand, SuperBand 2 features both male and female musicians.
Like SuperBand, SuperBand 2 invites indie musicians to collaborate and create original harmonies together as a band. Once each individual musicians pass the preliminary rounds, the contestants will form a band of their own choice and compete against each other in the battle rounds.
The contestants will include musicians of all different backgrounds, performing classical music, K-pop, rock, EDM, hip hop, musicals, jazz, and more.

Lee Sang Soon (Judge)
Yoo Hee Yeol (Judge)
CL (Judge)
Yoon Sang (Judge)
Yoon Jong Shin (Judge)
Jeon Hyun Moo (MC)
Jun 21, 2021 - Oct 4, 2021
31 contestants
0 survivors
0 votes
15 episodes
105 day(s) duration

Episode 0 - Prologue

Aired: Jun 21, 2021

Episode: 1

An episode 0 was broadcasted on June 21, 2021 as a prologue episode titled "SuperBand 2 Begins".

Episode 1 - Audition round

Aired: Jun 28, 2021

Episode: 2

Part 1 of the audition round performances:

Kim Hankyeom - "Don't Look Back In Anger" (Oasis)
Danny Koo - "Applemania" (Aleksey Igudesman) and "Be My Love" (Nicholas Brodszky)
Byun Jeongho - "Fun" (Pitbull feat. Chris Brown)
Yoon Hyunsang - "Presto" (self-composed song)
Chopra Kaya - "American Idiot" (Green Day)
Kim Joonseo - "Falling Slowly" (Once OST)
Park Daul - "거문장난감" (self-composed song)
Eun Ahkyung - "Tierrasanta" (Ryan Haines Big Band)
Demian - "Holy" (Justin Bieber)
Jeong Nayoung - "Beat Yourself Blind" (Skid Row)
Moon Sujin - "Set Fire To The Rain" (Adele)

Episode 2 - Audition round

Aired: Jul 5, 2021

Episode: 3

Second part of the audition round performances:

J.UNA - "Bad" (Christopher)
Kim Jinsan - "Crow" (self-composed song)
Lee Daon - "Scarified" (Racer-X)
KiTak - "Nothing Compares 2 U" (Sinead O'Connor)
Kim Yeji - "River" (Bishop Briggs)
Crackshot - "Follow" (self-composed song)
Kim Sol Daniel & Yoon Dayoung - "비범한 카우보이" (self-composed song)
Yubin - "The Greatest Show" (The Greatest Showman OST)
DAVII - "Jamie Cullum" (self-composed song)
VALO - "마왕" (슈베르트)
Lim Yoonseong - "I Can"t Go On Without You" (Kaleo)
Jang Haeun - "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen)

Episode 3 - Audition round

Aired: Jul 12, 2021

Episode: 4

Third part of the audition round performances:

Jo Kihun - "Godzilla" (Eminem)
Leenzy - "You Oughta Know" (Alanis Morissette)
Kim Sunghyeon - "미인" (Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns)
Hwang Leen - "Kipurhedlow" (self-composed song)
David Oh & Kim Seulong - "Follow" (self-composed song)
Jeon Seongbae - "Flashing Lights" (Kanye West)
Yang Jang Semin - "Disco Yes" (Tom Misch)
ESEGYE (Lee Dongheon & Moon Seonghyuk) - "사랑섬" (self-composed song)

Episode 3 also featured the first part of the first round theme team battle 1:1 :

Theme: Rock "Champagne Supernova" (Oasis) performed by KiTak (frontman, vocal, guitar, piano), J.UNA (vocal, guitar), Hwang Inkyu (bass), Jo Kihun (drums)
Theme: World music "Tocar Você" (DUDA BEAT) performed by Byun Jeongho (frontman, bass), Kim Hankyeom (vocal, guitar), Jeon Seongbae (drums)
Score: 5:0

Episode 4 - First round

Aired: Jul 19, 2021

Episode: 5

Second part of the first round theme team battle 1:1 :

Battle 2
"The car with two tires" (Kim Kwang Seok) performed by Danny Koo (frontmant, vocal, violin),Seonghyuk (vocal, acoustic guitar),Jeong Minhyuk (acoustic guitar)
"Piano Man" (Billy Joel) performed by Hwang Leen (frontman, acoustic guitar, sub vocal), Lim Yoonseong (vocal), Kim Joonseo (keyboard, sub vocal)
Score: 0:5

Battle 3
"Sunday Candy" (Chance the Rapper) performed by Yang Jang Semin (frontman, bass), Jung Seokhoon (acoustic guitar), Yubin (drums), Seonjae (vocal)
"Zombie" (The Cramberries) performed by nokdu (frontman, vocal, synthesizer), Yoon Hyunsang (vibraphone), Kim Sunghyeon (electric guitar), Leenzy (vocal)

Battle 4
"Can’t Feel My Face" (The Weeknd) performed by DAVII (frontman, vocal, piano), Jang Haeun (vocal, classical guitar), Moon Seonghyuk (bass), You Byoungwook (percussionist)
Theme: Idol music "Good Boy" (GD X TAEYANG) performed by Park Daul (frontman, korean harp), Jeong Nayoung (electric guitar), Kim Jinsan (acoustic guitar)

Battle 5
"Closer" (Lemaitre) (with "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley as the lyrics) performed by Kim Yeji (frontman, vocal), Oh Eunchul (keyboard), Ludi (DJ, synthesizer), Chopra Kaya (drums)
"I Will Survive" (Jinju)performed by Vince (frontman, vocal), Willy K (guitar), Cyan (bass), Danny Lee (drums)
Score: 2:3

Episode 5 - First round

Aired: Jul 26, 2021

Episode: 6

Third part of the first round theme team battle 1:1 :

Battle 6:
Theme: Disco "Itaewon Freedom" (UV) performed by Hwang Hyunjo (frontman, DJ, synthesizer), Yang Seojin (vocal), Jang Wonyoung (drums)
Theme: Latin music "Besame Mucho" (Consuelo Velazquez) performed by Lee Hanseo (vocal), Song Duyong (drums), Kim Daham (keyboard), Kim Sol Daniel (cello)
Score: 5:0

Battle 7:
Theme: OST "A Million Dreams" (The Greatest Showman OST) performed by VALO (frontman, DJ, producer), Moon Sujin (vocal), Eun Ahkyung (drums)
"Boom" (X Ambassadors) performed by Demian (frontman, vocal, keyboard), Cho Hyukjin (electric guitar, synthesizer, drum pad), Yoo Hwanjoo (vocal, electric guitar)
Score: 4:1

Battle 8:
"Someone Like You" (Adele) performed by Lee Dongheon (vocal, acoustic guitar), Son Jinwook (vocal)
"Tobacco Shop Lady" (Song Chang Sik) performed by Kim Seulong (vocal, drums, keyboard, synthesizer), Lee Daon (electric guitar, keyboard)
Score: 1:4

Eliminated contestants: Seonjae, Seonghyuk, Lee Hanseo, Song Duyong, Kim Daham.

The episode also featured the first part of the second round (rival team battle 1:1)
"Forever Young" (BLACKPINK) performed by nokdu (frontman, vocal, synthesizer), Yoon Hyunsang (vibraphone, drums), Cho Hyukjin (electric guitar)
"Snail" (Panic)    performed by KiTak (frontman, vocal, acoustic guitar), Chopra Kaya (drums), Moon Seonghyuk (bass)
Score: 4:1

Episode 6 - Second round

Aired: Aug 2, 2021

Episode: 7

Second part of the rival team battle 1:1:

Battle 2:
"Peppermint Candy" (YB) performed by J.UNA (frontman, vocal, guitar), Moon Sujin (vocal), You Byoungwook (percussionist)
"Human" (Rag'n'Bone Man) performed by Lim Yoonseong (frontman, vocal, piano), Yoo Hwanjoo (vocal, cymbal, wind chime), Lee Daon (acoustic guitar)
Score: 4:1

Battle 3:
"청개구리" (self-composed song) performed by Park Daul (frontman, korean harp), DAVII (vocal, keyboard), Jang Haeun (vocal, classical guitar), Kim Sol Daniel (cello)
"When My Loneliness Calls To You" (Jang Pill Soon) performed by Kim Hankyeom (frontman, vocal), Kim Joonseo (keyboard), Yang Jang Semin (bass), Yubin (drums)
Score: 4:1

Battle 4:
"The Downfall Of The Moon" (Kim Hyun Chul) performed by Vince (frontman, vocal), Willy K (guitar), Cyan (bass), Danny Lee (drums)
"It's Raining" (Rain) performed by Hwang Leen (frontman, vocal, electric guitar), Hwang Inkyu (bass), Jeon Seongbae (drums)
Score: 1:4

Episode 7 - Second round

Aired: Aug 9, 2021

Episode: 8

Third part of the rival team battle 1:1:

Battle 5:
"Heartbreaker" (G-Dragon) performed by Hwang Hyunjo (frontman, DJ, keyboard, bass), Yang Seojin (vocal), Jang Wonyoung (drums), Jung Seokhoon (electric guitar)
"Time Is Running Out" (Muse) performed by VALO (frontman, DJ, keyboard, bass), Ludi (DJ, keyboard, drum pad), Demian (vocal), Jang Wonyoung (drums)
Score: 5:0

Battle 6:
"Don't Look Back" (self-composed song) performed by Leenzy (frontman, vocal), Eun Ahkyung (drums), Jeong Nayoung (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
"여름꽃" (self-composed song) performed by Lee Dongheon (frontman, vocal, acoustic guitar), Son Jinwook (vocal), Jeong Minhyuk (electric guitar)
Score: 5:0

Battle 7:
"House I Used To Call Home" (Will Jay) performed by Kim Yeji (frontman, vocal), Danny Koo (violin, vocal), Oh Eunchul (piano), Kim Jinsan (acoustic guitar)
"Get Lucky" (Daft Punk) performed by Kim Seulong (frontman, drums), Kim Sunghyeon (bass, double bass, vocoder), Byun Jeongho (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
Score: 5:0

Eliminated contestants: Yoo Hwanjoo, Son Jinwook, Ludi, Lee Daon.

Episode 8 - Third round

Aired: Aug 16, 2021

Episode: 9

First part of the group ranking battle:

Group A:

"What a Man Gotta Do" (Jonas Brothers) performed by Jung Seokhoon (frontman, resonator, electric guitar), Moon Sujin (vocal, double bass), Lee Dongheon (vocal, acoustic guitar), You Byoungwook (percussion, drums)
Score: 475

"Y" (freestyle)    performed by Hwang Hyunjo (frontman, DJ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar), VALO (DJ, keyboard, electric guitar, rap), Yang Seojin (vocal), Eun Ahkyung (drums, drum pad)
Score: 448

"동이 튼다" (self-composed song) performed by Park Daul (frontman, korean harp), Kim Hankyeom (vocal, acoustic guitar), Yang Jang Semin (bass), Yubin (drums)
Score: 462

"U-Go-Girl" (Lee Hyori)    performed by Leenzy (frontman, vocal), Jeong Nayoung (electric guitar), Chopra Kaya (drums), Moon Seonghyuk (bass)
Score: 462

"Oops!... I Did It Again" (Britney Spears) performed by Willy K (frontman, guitar), Vince (vocal), Oh Eunchul (keyboard), Danny Lee (drums)
Score: 489

"Mine" (self-composed song) performed by Hwang Leen (frontman, vocal, electric guitar), Hwang Inkyu (bass), DAVII (vocal, keyboard), Jeon Seongbae (drums)
Score: 472

Episode 9 - Third round

Aired: Aug 23, 2021

Episode: 10

Second part of the group ranking battle:

Group B:

"No Surprises" (Radiohead) performed by nokdu (frontman, vocal, keyboard), Danny Koo (vocal, violin), Kim Sol Daniel (cello), Yoon Hyunsang (vibraphone)
Score: 464

"Sherlock" + "Clue+Note" (SHINee) performed by Kim Yeji (frontman, vocal), Cyan (bass), Kim Sunghyeon (electric guitar), Jang Wonyoung (drums)
Score: 473

"Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder)    performed by J.UNA (frontman, vocal, acoustic guitar), Kim Jinsan (acoustic guitar), Jang Haeun (classic guitar), Jeong Minhyuk (electric guitar)
Score: 480

"Boomerang" (Imagine Dragons) performed by KiTak (frontman, vocal, electric guitar), Lim Yoonseong (vocal, keyboard), Kim Seulong (drums, synthesizer), Byun Jeongho (bass)
Score: 488

"I Won't Give Up" (Jason Mraz) performed by Kim Joonseo (frontman, piano, sub vocal), Demian (vocal), Cho Hyukjin (electric guitar, bass), Jo Kihun (percussion, hurdy-gurdy)
Score: 455

Eliminated contestants: Yang Seojin, Kim Sol Daniel, Demian, You Byoungwook.

Episode 10 - Fourth round

Aired: Aug 30, 2021

Episode: 11

The team with the highest score is safe from elimination.

"Digital" (Imagine Dragons) performed by Yang Jang Semin (frontman, bass), Jo Kihun (drums), Kim Hankyeom (vocal, acoustic guitar), Jung Seokhoon (electric guitar)
Score: 479

"곱슬머리" (self-composed song) performed by Lee Dongheon (frontman, vocal, guitar), Jeong Nayoung (guitar), Chopra Kaya (drums), Moon Seonghyuk (bass)
Score: 457

"When you look at me" (Lee Moon Sae) performed by nokdu (frontman, vocal, keyboard), Cho Hyukjin (electric guitar), Kim Joonseo (keyboard), Jang Wonyoung (drums)
Score: 456

"Growl" (EXO) performed by VALO (frontman, keyboard, guitar), Moon Sujin (vocal), Hwang Inkyu (bass), Jeon Seongbae (drums)
Score: 461

"Everybody wants to rule the world" (Tears of fears) performed by J.UNA (frontman, vocal, acoustic guitar), Jang Haeun (vocal, classic guitar), Kim Jinsan (acoustic guitar), Jeong Minhyuk (electric guitar)
Score: 485

"Legends never die" (Against the current) performed by Hwang Hyunjo (frontman, DJ, producer, pad), Kim Yeji (vocal), Park Daul (korean harp, nagak), Hwang Leen (electric guitar)
Score: 480

Episode 11 - Fourth round

Aired: Sep 6, 2021

Episode: 12

The team with the highest score is safe from elimination.

"If this is the last time" (LANY) performed by Kim Sunghyeon (frontman, electric guitar), Danny Koo (violin, vocal), Yoon Hyunsang (vibraphone), Yubin (drums, vocal)
Score: 452

"Kings and Queens" (30 Seconds to Mars)    performed by KiTak (frontman, vocal, electric guitar), Kim Seulong (drums, synthesizer), Byun Jeongho (bass, double bass), Lim Yoonseong (vocal, trumpet)
Score: 478

"Fire" (2NE1) performed by Willy K (frontman, guitar, tenor recorder, ocarina), Vince (vocal), Oh Eunchul (keyboard, synthesizer), Danny Lee (drums)
Score: 468

"다 내 땅이다" (self-composed song) performed by DAVII (vocal, piano), Leenzy (vocal, rap), Cyan (bass), Eun Ahkyung (drums)
Score: 455

Eliminated contestants: Kim Sunghyeon, Yubin, Moon Sujin, Moon Seonghyuk, Lee Dongheon, Jang Wonyoung, Yoon Hyunsang, DAVII, Chopra Kaya, VALO, Danny Koo, nokdu, Cho Hyukjin.

Episode 12 - Camping trip

Aired: Sep 13, 2021

Episode: 13

This episode consists of the different groups, created in episode 11, going to the countryside and working together as a team. The name of the bands were revealed at the end of the broadcast.

Episode 13 - Recorded final

Aired: Sep 20, 2021

Episode: 14

"7000RPM" (self-composed song) performed by KARDI
Score: 5431

"Break It" (self-composed song) performed by The Whales*
Score: 4880

"Run" (self-composed song) performed by CNEMA
Score: 5266

"Do or Die" (self-composed song) performed by THE FIX
Score: 5393

"Daddy" (Coldplay) performed by poco a poco
Score: 5188

"Home Sweet Home" (Mötley Crüe)    performed by CRAXILVER
Score: 5549

(*) Member Jo Kihun was unable to perform due to an emergency surgery being done on his arm.

Episode 14 - Live final

Aired: Sep 27, 2021

Episode: 15

"Time To Fly" (self-composed song) performed by KARDI
Score: 17392

"Met You" (self-composed song) performed by poco a poco
Score: 13696

"We On Top" (self-composed song) performed by THE FIX
Score: 15675

"Imagine" (John Lennon) performed by The Whales
Score: 11690

"Time To Rise" (self-composed song) performed by CRAXILVER
Score: 26104

"Far Away" (self-composed song) performed by CNEMA
Score: 21133

The final results of the show:

5th poco a poco
6th The Whales


Park Daul took part in the Kim Joo-ri Band.
On September 28, 2021, it was announced that Crackshot signed under OUI Entertainment.
On November 16, 2021, OUI Entertainment announced that they signed with CRAXILVER.
On November 17, 2021, it was annonced that CNEMA signed under FLO and Moss Music.

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