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&Audition – The Howling -

"&Audition - The Howling -" was an audition program of HYBE LABELS JAPAN . A real documentary that unfolds various performances and growth stories aiming for debut. The additional members will be picked once the show ends. The program will be broadcasted on Nippon TV, starting on July 09, 2022, Saturday. It will also be streamed on Hulu and HYBE LABELS + official Youtube channel.
The trainees K, Nicholas, EJ and Taki were set at as members. The final 9 members will debut on December 7th, 2022 as &TEAM.

"The trainees will participate in a large-scale project to produce artists who will debut in Japan and go on to perform on the world stage.They share a common destiny: a mission to grow so that they can make their debut.
To achieve this growth, the trainees will take on challenges together ("&") as they pursue their mutually shared dream of debuting ("Howling").
And the trainees will have mentors by their sides.
The mentors will support and evaluate the trainees as they work toward the dream together, one step at a time."  from website

UTA (Special Producer)
Ryosuke Imai (Special Producer)
Bang Si Hyuk (Special Advisor)
Soma Genda (Producer and Sound Director)
Sakura Inoue (Performance Director)
Son Sung-deuk (Mentor)
Pdogg (Mentor)
Group created:
Jul 9, 2022 - Sep 3, 2022
15 contestants
9 survivors
74.1K votes
0 episodes
56 day(s) duration

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