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Why hello there, I'm BaekedPotato. I'm a multistan but I prefer listening to boy groups. I've been a kpop stan since Jan 12, 2019. My first group was BTS and my first song was DNA. I got into kpop mainly because my friend made me, but now I'm so glad they did lol. My current favorite group is EXO and Baekhyun is my ult bias. My favorite song is either Wolf (EXO), Sukhumvit Swimming (ONF), or LALIDA (IMFACT). My friends know me as having the longest kpop list they've seen in person with 2,189 songs on it between 600+ different artists. It's not just kpop I listen to though. I also listen to cpop, jpop, and Thai pop. My favorite cpop group is ONER and my favorite song by them is Antidote, my favorite jpop group is One N Only and my favorite song by them is Category, and my favorite Thai pop group is SBFIVE and my favorite song by them is Candy Crush, Superboy, or Copter's solo song He Drinks, You Drunk (I recommend listening to all of those groups btw). Anyways, I know this is very lengthy and I'm sorry but if you're even reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me :)


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