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TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '동물원을 빠져나온 퓨마' Official Teaser 1

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '동물원을 빠져나온 퓨마' Official Teaser 1 Director : Guzza (Lumpens) Assistant Director : Yeseul Jang Director of Phorography : EumKo Focus Puller : Seungji Lee 2nd AC : Youngwoo Lee , Eunil Lee 3rd AC : Yuntae Ko Jimmy Jib Operator : Youngjung Kim Jimmy Jib Assistant : Hyunin Kim Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam (Bestboy) Lighting crew : Park...

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yuna queen   1 month ago
I can't wait for this new mv to come !!!😁
1 month ago
KongRongyu   1 month ago
Love you guys💖
1 month ago
kongrongyuan   1 month ago
爱了爱了加油哦! 你们是最棒的!👍💖💓💖
1 month ago
Vannah   1 month ago
This is going to be great gosshhhh😃
1 month ago
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