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CIX - Imagine

CIX (Complete in X) - ('The 1st Mini Album'[Hello Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger]) Audio Track List: 1. What You Wanted 2. Movie Star 3. Like It That Way 4. Imagine 5. The One CIX Complete in X BX 비엑스 Byounggon 병곤 Lee Byounggon 이병곤 Seunghun 승훈 Kim Seunghun 김승훈 Sheng Xun 昇勳 Yonghee 용희 Kim Yonghee 김용희 Long Xi 龍熙 Bae Jinyoung 배진영 Pei Zhenying 裴珍映 Hyunsuk...

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