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UminSoMuchToMe   1 year ago

His agency WYNN Entertainment released the following statement on his passing
“This is WYNN Entertainment. We apologize for suddenly conveying this sad news.
“Our agency's artist and Spectrum member Kim Dong Yoon left our side on July 27.
“His family members, Spectrum members, and all the staff at WYNN Entertainment are grieving with a heavy heart over this sudden sad news.
“We are so heartbroken and sorry to be conveying this sad news to Dong Yoon's fans, who sincerely loved and generously encouraged him.
“According to the wishes of the family of the deceased, his funeral will be held quietly. We express our condolences for his final path.”

1 year ago
UminSoMuchToMe   1 year ago
My condolences for his family and friends. May he rest in peace.
1 year ago
nayeoniModerator   1 year ago
He was so young...
Rest in peace, Dongyoon. I hope that wherever you are, you are ok now.

1 year ago
VendettaForV   1 year ago
This has all the marks of a suicide. Please, let your friends know if you are feeling depressed or suicidal! It doesn't have to be like this!
1 year ago
highonROA    VendettaForV   1 year ago
Yeah, I hate to think it but what else could it be? It's not like 20 year old men are prone to sudden cardiac arrest...
1 year ago
Krypta    VendettaForV   1 year ago
There are rumors that Dongyoon's father said that his son died from being overworked. Perhaps that's the reason why the company doesn't say the reason for his death.
1 year ago
minlulu   1 year ago
That's really sad and shocking. I wonder what happened to him, it's such a tragedy to hear. RIP
1 year ago
highonROA   1 year ago
It must be brutal being a nugu in kpop these days
1 year ago
WaNueSu   1 year ago
Is it because of overwork or suicide? If it's overworked I hope their family speaks up about it.
1 year ago
DirtyAhjumma   1 year ago
This is so sad. Wasn't he active just recently? Solo release or something?
1 year ago
jai   1 year ago
May he rest in peace! 😞
1 year ago
yura   1 year ago
😢 😢 so saad :''(((
1 year ago
Kim Kim   1 year ago
I am still not moved on to what happen to Jonghyun (I don't think I will though because it still hurts like hell) and now another idol passed away. T_____T
I really hope that like JYP, they will focus also on idol's mental health because this industry is really pressuring these artists to be the best among the rest. Rest in Peace Dongyoon. 😞 I hope you are in the safest place now.

1 year ago
Sara Ahmed   1 year ago
Another heart breaking death. When will it stop?
1 year ago
itsdanicalouise   1 year ago
Oh my. What happened? I don't want to think it's suicide. But it could be possible. 😢
1 year ago