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Today in kpop November 30


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Did you know...

Way Way's favorite accesorry are necklaces.
Joshua When asked who would he want to swap bodies with, Joshua answered that he would like to try being Woozi.
Xiumin Xiumin's room is all-white because he likes to see it look neat and clean at all times.
Baekhyun Baekhyun and Chanyeol wrote the song "Lucky" together.
Kai Kai He appeared on "Yummy Yummy" with Sehun, "Hello Counselor" with Lay, "Happy Together" with Taemin and "The Return of Superman" with baby Taeoh who is said to look like him.
Haru Her nickname is Haru-Zzang (Haru is the best, but also it means Haru-Chan)
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