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Did you know...

  • E:U She watches American TV Shows. Her favourite is 13 Reasons Why.
  • Yuna Yuna's english name is Hotssey Shin
  • JongHo His favorite colors are red and black.
  • JongHo JongHo ranked 27 on MIXNINE Just Dance showcase, later ranked 43.
  • Yunho According to Seonghwa, Yunho is the funniest member of the group.
  • Mia She has many role models: BoA, Hyorin, Park Hyoshin and Ailee.
  • Chaeyoung Chaeyoung has 4 tattoos. Strawberry lips tattoo on her left wrist, Shot through the heart behind her right ear, 2 tomatoes on her left upper arm and 4 carrots on her left forearm
  • Yunho Yunho is a Potterhead, a big fan of the Harry Potter Series.
  • Wendy Wendy's favorite color is blue.
  • E:U E:U’s nicknames are Protractor and Sweet Unnie.
  • Nancy Nancy is a fan of GFRIEND. Her bias in the group is Sowon
  • Onda Onda is a fan of Harry Potter and Twilight.

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