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Today in kpop October 18


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Did you know...

Sohee Her nicknames are Quick-Sohee and Frog
Baekhyun Baekhyun made his solo debut with the song "UN Village".
Kai Kai Every time he has a chance to speak he wishes everyone to be happy as he thinks this is the most important thing in the world. During his latest interview for L’Officiel Hommes he said the word “happiness” thirty-two times.e
Lay On September 18, 2014, the limited edition of Lay's autobiography "Standing Firm At 24" was published, while the standard edition became available on October 7. The book documents important events throughout his life and broke several online sales records
Kai Kai has been selected as one of the best-dressed men in 2020 by British GQ.
Sehun Sehun used to have a toy called "Pinku Pinku" that he can't sleep without.
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