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Did you know...

  • Seulgi Seulgi is known for having a calm personality
  • Hwanwoong Hwanwoong wanted to become a performer because of Rain.
  • Hueningkai He has 2 sisters (little & big sisters). His big sister is an idol member of Viva, Lea
  • Hwasa Hwasa wrote and composed “My Heart/I Do Me” on Mamamoo’s first mini-album, “Hello”.
  • Hongbin Hongbin hates aegyo.
  • Jeongyeon In TWICE's music video, "Feel Special" Jeongyeon was matched with herself. In the video, when the two Jeongyeons' eyes meet, one looks back at the rest of TWICE and smiles.
  • Solar Solar originally wanted to be a flight attendant or a tour guide in Korea for foreigners
  • Seungmin He considers B1A4's Sandeul and Labelmate Day6 as his role models.
  • Hueningkai His father (Nabil David Huening) is a singer, songwriter, musician and performer.
  • Yunho Yunho is a Potterhead, a big fan of the Harry Potter Series.
  • Bang Chan Bang Chang joined JYP Entertainment in 2010
  • N N used to be the choreographer of the now-disbanded group, Myteen.

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