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Kpop music show performances & winners

List of every music show winner & performances throughout the history of kpop
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Music Program
Chart System
Digital (streaming + downloads) (55%), SNS (YouTube views) (30%), album sales (10%), advance viewer votes (5%), On-Air (10%)
M Countdown
Digital (streaming + downloads) (45%), album sales (15%), music video views (15%), Pre-voting (a sum of pre-votes on Mwave, Whosfan, Mnet and Mnet Japan) (15%), broadcast score (10%), live text voting (10%) (weekly 1st place chart nominees only)
Music Bank
Digital (streaming + downloads) (65%), album sales (5%), KBS broadcast score (KBS2 (TV) and KBS Cool FM and KBS Happy FM (radio)) (20%), panel survey (10%)
Music Core
Digital Sales 50%, Album Sales 10%, Music Video Views 10%, Viewers Committee Pre-voting (by 2,000 people) 10%, MBC Radio Broadcast 5%, Streaming HOT Chart 10% (for 1st place nominees only), Audience Live Voting 15% (for 1st place nominees only), Global Fans Vote 10% (for 1st place nominees only)
The Show
Pre-score: Total 90% (Digital (downloads and streaming) (40%), album sales (10%), music video views (20%), broadcast (15%), 5% Starpass Pre-Voting) Starpass Live voting (for The Show Choice nominees only): 10%
Show Champion
Digital (streaming + downloads) + Album sales (50%), Pre-voting (Idol Champ) (20%), broadcast score (20%), SNS (10%)