It started
as a mission
to be the
of kpop

What is kpopping?

kpopping is a platform for kpop fans. We created kpopping because we believed the kpop community deserved better than old wordpress blogs and their outdated software to follow what's happening in Korea. 

We knew the kpop community's passion so we based our platform on a wiki model so every user can contribute, then combined it with strict community-based moderation and a level-based permission system to ensure high standards along with automatic calendar tracking (in KST) and social data graphing to achieve what we believe is the best genre-based music platform that has been made.

We hope you find our website useful, and we welcome all corrections and suggestions. We regret the inevitable mistakes of translation between such different languages as English and Korean and are doing our best rectify all such inconsistencies and errors in information that kpopping might be guilty of; and we beseech the mantle of charity in view of the stupendousness of this undertaking and its near-endless difficulties.

With such a view in mind, we beg to assure the reader that we did everything "ad majorem Kpop gloriam." (For the greater glory of kpop)

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