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Cube Entertainment's stock prices have dropped over 7% from yesterday's record. As of 1:54 PM KST on September 13, the stock price was 2,765 won (approximately $2.46).
Earlier today, Cube Entertainment announced that HyunA and PENTAGON's E'Dawn have been removed from the company as they can no longer trust the two and had lost faith in them (following their sudden move to go public with their relationship).
The sudden announcement today certainly caused the stock price to drop, as scandals, dating news, and the like are already known to affect stock prices.

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XyliaaModerator   9 months ago
Cube is free fallin' 😂
9 months ago
Yui Tachibana   9 months ago
That's what you called "karma" cube deserves it tho :'> you"ll fall a part now
9 months ago
DirtyAhjumma   9 months ago
I'm surprised they went as far as removing Hyuna from the company. Isn't she like one of their main money makers?
9 months ago
jai    DirtyAhjumma   9 months ago
Its their loss...

9 months ago
Krypta   9 months ago
As much as I want cube to burn down to the ground, they still have Pentagon, BTOB, CLC, Idle, Guanlin, and many innocent staff who does not deserve the debris of cube's fall.
9 months ago
Nicole   9 months ago
I wonder... what\s wrong being in a relationship, they deserve better., they can go as a pair, as a perfect couple and perform better, and no matter what they contributed so much to the agency. should not forget that, and the more they will stand out now that they no longer in CUBE agency.
9 months ago
KatrineModerator    Nicole   9 months ago
Hyuna and E'Dawn went public with their relationship without consulting the agency. It's like doing what you like as an employee without the management knowing. It brought too much trouble to the agency and made them look stupid for denying their relationship the day before. So up to a certain point, I can understand where cube is coming from. They are still businessmen with stockholders and all.
But yeah, especially with Hyuna, we didn't expect cube to fire them at all. We don't really know what happens in closed doors but their push-and-pull statements yesterday only made things worse. 🙄

9 months ago
DirtyAhjumma    KatrineModerator   9 months ago
I think the salt to the wound was that Cube already issued a denial statement only to be proven wrong by a confirmation posted by both of em. I don't know if Cube really didn't know when they issued the denial or they knew but chose to deny it. Either way, it did make them look like they have no idea what their artists are up to. Still doesn't justify this crazy-ass firing though.
9 months ago
UminSoMuchToMeModerator   9 months ago
Serves them right 💅
9 months ago
Kim Kim   9 months ago
I don't know who's ungrateful this time. If its HyunA or CUBE. This is a pretty big mess right now.
9 months ago
Kim Tae Tae   9 months ago
They deserve that, being kicked by a company
9 months ago
Jandy   9 months ago
congratulations!!!! you deserve it
9 months ago
Izara   9 months ago
Lmao , the effects * clap ( ༎ຶꈊ༎ຶ )
9 months ago
Isarangyoo   9 months ago
Get that bish
9 months ago
rollercoaster   9 months ago
it's what they deserve
9 months ago
Alolvovan   9 months ago
Karma's a b*tch 👀
9 months ago
wan man   9 months ago
Removal of Hyuna is like liquidating Cube Ent and definitely a huge mistake. Anyway, I DESERVED BLACKPINK LIGHTSTICK BBONG BBONG 🖤💗
9 months ago

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