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BaereneModerator   11 days ago
On October 10 , SM reveals full design for SNSD official light stick / fanlight. The fanlight will be available for sale at Taeyeon's solo concert "'s...TAEYEON CONCERT".
TAEYEON Official goods

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BaereneModerator   11 days ago
I think the lighstick design is just nice..its not bad like other people said before this.
11 days ago
KatrineModerator   11 days ago
I thought the image is LQ but those lines are actually part of the design. haha
11 days ago
Krypta   11 days ago
It's so pretty! It's simple but there's elegance with it! ❤ GG 4 eva!
11 days ago
Jandy   11 days ago
at least we finally have ourown  official lightstick
and our girls worked hard to save it

11 days ago

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