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IU was accussed of insider trading after it was discovered that a building she purchased rose in value when it was announced a new fast train line would be built nearby.
After much speculation, IU took to her Instagram to clear up these rumors:
"2.3 billion won in profit through insider trading. It is false. To me, what is most valuable and what I cherish the most is my career, I would never lie, even with false teeth (t/n: until I'm old). "After a long time", this is a place where I plan to stay for a long time to plan/practice/ work on new things. Regardless, those who are still claiming that I profited through unfair actions and ethics, please show me some proof. If you have doubts about my actions, you should do it with fairness.
I'm confident that even after a long time, I will not be in a wrong, but apologies will be accepted. Even through yesterday, it was shared that I'm not the only resident in the building, but many others live there too. Please do respect the privacy of the residents and those that live within the area."
cr: @balloon_wanted

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Krypta   9 months ago
Poor IU is getting dragged again. This is clearly another witch hunt from Knetz and journalists. I can still remember how they turned the tables for IU's Zeze.
9 months ago

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