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TXT has unveiled the name of their fandom!
On April 25, TXT officially announced their fandom name. The group's fandom name is "영원 (YOUNG ONE)".
Every submission from fans regarding suggestion fandom name was read by TXT members and the boys select the fandom name in unanimous decision.
The number “0” is symbolizes as nothing and pronounced as "영 = Young" in Korean. It means, “We were nothing (0)*, and then we became ONE.” And “영원 (YOUNG ONE)” means FOREVER in Korean language.
Do you love TXT fandom name?

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Krypta   1 year ago
It sounds good but unfortunately, Tiffany's fandom is already called Young One. Bighit better change it otherwise this is gonna be a start of another fanwar. Tiffany's fans are already up in arms on twitter.
1 year ago
Jungkookie1045    Krypta   1 year ago
I remember seeing that, I was so confused because I though they already knew tiffany's was Young One. I just hope TXT doesn't get involved to much.
1 year ago
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