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A ReVeluv suffered from a case of sexual assault at the 2019 K-World Festa on August 16.
She posted about her horrific experience on Twitter, saying that a completely disguised man behind her splashed something on her back during the second half of Red Velvet's performance of "Power Up". Initially, the ReVeluv thought it was water that he accidentally spilt on her, as it was in a standing section or pit.
Once the performance ended, the fan tried to wipe the liquid off her clothes, but discovered something sticky instead. She immediately went to security guards, expressed her fear, and asked them to help her wipe it off. As it was something she never experienced before, she didn't know how to react. The fan is asking for help to find any information about a suspicious man in Section D. 
The ReVeluv is asking everyone to RT her post, so that she can identify the person and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. 
Fans are starting to come together in support of their fellow K-Pop stan by tweeting and retweeting @taeng031126's tweets. They are demanding that SM Entertainment do something about this. The hashtag #ProtectRedVelvetAndReveluv was created and began to trend all over the world. 
Seing as how the ReVeluv suffered, especially after the incident at Momoland's fansign, things are getting out of hand.
We hope that Red Velvet and everyone who will be attending future concerts will be fully protected!


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