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Big Hit warns fans that the number of publications that use BTS's image has increased
On September 24th, Big Hit warned fans on Twitter saying:
"[NOTICE] Unauthorized use of artist imagery and trademarks in publications
Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment.
There has been a recent rise in the number of publications that make use of BTS imagery, trademarks and other materials.
With the exception of books and other publications released through official channels, our company or our artist have not been involved with or agreed to the publication of any books or materials related to critical or biographical content.
Unfortunately, there has been an increase in publications that claim to be officially authorized by Big Hit Entertainment, and we would like to advise caution to our fans and any related parties.
Revenues from the sale and distribution of these publications are completely unrelated to our artists. Please exercise caution in ensuring that you are not harmed by any attempts to commercialize these books and other publications.
Big Hit Entertainment will continue to vigorously monitor publications that make unauthorized use of our artist imagery or trademarks, and we will ensure that you are made aware of any future publications created through official licensing agreements through our official Big Hit Entertainment channels.
Thank you."

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VendettaForV   9 months ago
It's an epidemic with webshops like amazon etc. nothing there is legit at all from... all garbage from China just stealing money from our favs and then delivering an inferior product that damages the group's reputation on top of it all... whole thing makes me upset after buying merch for years 😑
9 months ago
Kpop Naked