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IU reveals the sequel to "You & I" titled "Above The Time"
"Above The Time" is the sequel of her hit song "You & I" released 8 years ago. 
This song perfectly encompasses what the "IU style" is, showing how the singer plays with the music and deeply conveys how she feels to the audience.
Meanwhile, fans can't wait to see how the singer will destroy the charts this time, as her single "Love Poem" is still strong on the charts.
Watch the amazing music video down below!

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IstanLegends   3 months ago
It's been about 9 years and I still don't understand the music video and this sequel confused me even more. Still an amazing song though.
3 months ago
DungeonKeeper   3 months ago
The chemistry between Lee Hyun Woo and IU is still the same! When will they have a drama together?!
3 months ago
huckleberry   3 months ago
My heart hurt so much seeing Hyunwoo cry. 
3 months ago