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Police confirm Goo Hara has passed away
The Seoul Gangnam Police Station confirmed on November 24 that Goo Hara was found dead at her home in Cheongdam at 6:09 (KST).
The police are currently investigating the causes.
Rest in peace, Hara. We will never forget you.
If you are feeling lonely or know someone who needs help, please seek help here or here. You are not alone.

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Original DavidModerator   7 months ago
Sad to see another giant star of the previous era feel her time was up here. Her talent was wasted and now there's nothing left.
7 months ago
Smilesweetie   7 months ago
Poor girl, first her violent ex beating her, sulli, the breakup of KARA... Hara has suffered so much in the past few years but I was hoping she was making it through. Her IG live after Sulli's passing still haunts me cause she was sobbing her heart out but she said she will live for Sulli and herself
7 months ago
cristiz86   7 months ago
I liked KARA since I got into the whole korean wave back in 2009. Then I watched mainly dramas and sometimes listened to kpop. Started listening more around 2014, a little of everithing, mainly girl groups. These were mostly the MV's and ocasionaly KBS World shows, so I didn't get to listen to full albums. It wasn't untill 2016 that I really got into kpop so there was a lot of catching up to do plus the new groups debuts and old groups comebacks. When she released Midnight Queen and then she had the Japan tour I was so happy for her. Last week I listened to her Alohara (Can You Feel It?) for the first time and I liked it very much, then watched performances from back then. This news saddened me, I really hoped she could recover from all the drama this year and that she would be happy, I know she tried her best.
Rest In Peace Hara

7 months ago
DungeonKeeper    cristiz86   7 months ago
Choco chip cookie was such a bop but unfortunately, when it was released back then, many people hated it 😞
7 months ago
cristiz86    DungeonKeeper   7 months ago
Yes it was. I also think I listened to Haragu back then. This made me cry because it was only a few days before the news I listened to the album and watched performances. I am also sad I didn't follow her accounts earlier, I started in the past months, I made my Instagram right after the news about Sulli, so I always commented nice things on her posts, and I hope she was happy seeing them, and I sincerily thought she would feel better.
7 months ago
VendettaForV   7 months ago
Unbelievable... I hope her friends and family don't feel guilty about this... it was one of the ones everyone predicted, but you can't prevent a determined person from taking their own life. you just can't. 
If there truly is an afterlife, I hope at the very least both Sulli and Hara can enjoy each others company and be happy being free of anymore suffering.

7 months ago
IstanLegends   7 months ago
This is so sad. I still remember her days in Invincible Youth. She made so many people happy.
7 months ago
huckleberry   7 months ago
I wish she and sulli can finally find the peace up above, together.
7 months ago
Alpha_Nancy   7 months ago
"It's kind of fustrating to see only the celebrities getting recognized when they die, nobody else cares when an average person dies"--This is what one of my friends said to me...in a way she is right but wrong at the same time. Celebrities are humans too, any human (celebrity or not) deserve our attention when they commint suicide!!!! There is so much pain and hurt in this world, when is it going to end.
7 months ago
Krypta   7 months ago
I still remember her instagram live where she talked about Sulli's passing and promised her to live. Hara fought so hard until the end. 
7 months ago
chanhoes   7 months ago
It's been days but I still can't believe it.
7 months ago
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