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Welcome to Feel Good Friday!!!
Today is Friday and you know what that means. It means it is the start of the best part of every week; the weekend! And what better way t kick off the weekend than with some good vibes tunes? That's the goal of this series, to provide everyone with Feel Good Music (No not the music label) to start off their weekend with.
For this week's Feel Good Friday, I will be highlighting (pun not intended) my all-time feel-good song: BEAST's V.I.U!
One of the songs off of BEAST's debut Japanese album, So Beast back in 2011, to understand the greatness of V.I.U entirely, you need to watch the music video.
I say music video lightly. It actually isn't a music video per say, rather a cut of Prepix Haw's footage of BEAST's 'Soom' dance practice video. The cut footage shows the members of BEAST dancing like goofballs with 'V.I.U' playing in the background. And it's one of the most adorable and silliest videos I've ever seen. I dare you to watch this video and not smile.
The "music video" of V.I.U is a perfect example of how V.I.U can make an already enjoyable song even greater. V.I.U brought a smile to my face when I listened to it even before seeing the video, however, after seeing it, that smile turned into a huge grin as I always picture the members of Beast dancing whenever I hear the song.
'V.I.U' never fails to cheer me up and or put me in a good mood, and I'm sure that after seeing the video for yourself, it will have a similar effect on you. So check it out now and Happy Friday!

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WaNueSu   2 years ago
Thanks for recommending the song. it's really a feel good one ❤
2 years ago
Honey   2 years ago
Yes, it's actually really good song ❤ I loved the MV as well, even though it's not the typical MV, but just as you said - I had lots of fun :)
Really, they know how to entertain a fan :P

2 years ago