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The group debuted on May 26, 2011 with the digital
single "Boyfriend". The members are: Kim Donghyun,
Shim Hyunseong, Lee Jeongmin, Jo Youngmin, Jo
Kwangmin, and No Minwoo.
To celebrate their 7th anniversary, they released the
special album "Dear. My Bestfriend" for their fans.
Congratulations, Boyfriend!

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WaNueSu   2 years ago
Congrats Boyfriend ❤
2 years ago
Krypta   2 years ago
7 years came by so fast! Janus was the first video I watched from them and at that time I was pretty
confused because I see 6 pairs of feet when they're dancing but during close-ups I only recognize 5 faces.
I searched them up and realized they had twin members all along lmao. Ahhh the good old days <3

2 years ago
jai   2 years ago
wow 7 years is such a long time.. i hope they stay for more years and share their talent ❤
2 years ago
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