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Ki Hoon
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Park Bom Drops Another Possible Comeback Hint On Her Instagram

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DirtyAhjumma   7 months ago
Is she already signed with anyone?
7 months ago
UminSoMuchToMeModerator    DirtyAhjumma   7 months ago
It isn't clear actually. She stated that she signed with YG's sub label The Black Label, but YG denied it. After YG's statement she again said that she has signed. So it's inconclusive.
7 months ago
picklednoona    UminSoMuchToMeModerator   7 months ago
I read about that. That was...cringey.
Anyhoo, I hope she finds a new home. She has great vocal range. Maybe she can still promote songs in Japan and China or something.

7 months ago
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Krypta    UminSoMuchToMeModerator   7 months ago
Wow that's confusing. Why does it feel like YG threw her under the bus? T_T
7 months ago
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WaNueSu   7 months ago
After all these years, are we gonna hear first from Bom? Because my Blackjack heart is ready!!!
7 months ago
Krypta    WaNueSu   7 months ago
I'm really excited and worried at the same time T_T
7 months ago
sarangmina   7 months ago
I'm really worried about her emotional well-being though
7 months ago

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