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South Korea


Starit Entertainment (스타잇엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company. It was originally established in 2008 as Chorokbaem Tech (초록뱀미디어) as a separate entity from Chorokbaem Media. In 2010, their primary business was changed into entertainment management and the following year, renamed to On Air Entertainment (온에어엔터테인먼트). In 2013, the company changed their name to Chorokbaem E&M (초록뱀 E&M) and later established a joint venture with Juna International and was renamed as Chorokbaem Juna E&M (초록뱀주나 E&M). They reverted back to Chorokbaem E&M in 2016, changing to Dmost Entertainment (디모스트엔터테인먼트) in 2017, and to their current name in May 2020.

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