"Jimin, This Is a Work of Art!" — Korean Netizens React to Jimin's "Set Me Free Pt. 2" MV

"Jimin, This Is a Work of Art!" — Korean Netizens React to Jimin's "Set Me Free Pt. 2" MV

On March 17th, BTS Jimin released the highly-anticipated pre-release single "Set Me Free Pt. 2" from his upcoming debut album "FACE."

The song and its music video instantly became a hot topic, with Korean netizens commenting:
  • At last!
  • The choreography is really good!
  • I was looking forward to it, but the song is better than I thought
  • Jimin, this is a work of art!
  • The song is louder than I thought.
  • It's crazy, it feels like an unconventional modern dance.
  • I can't wait to see his music show performances!
  • The use of Riike's poem was really good! Jimin expresses himself so well!
  • The mechanical sound is too strong. I wish I had put it in moderation.
  • Wow, it's cool, I'm looking forward to the stage ㅠㅠ
  • The autotune is really bad.
  • It's cool, it looks like a work of art
  • Jimin-ah, you've worked hard, you're doing well.
  • Ignore the bad comments because everyone is satisfied anyway.
  • It's really cool, the song and the performance are crazy, it's like watching a dramatic movie.
  • I think the stage will be so cool ㅠㅠㅠ The more I listen to the song, the better it seems!
  • I want to see the stage soon ㅠㅠ I think it will be more cool to see it live.
  • BTS seems to have too many dancers behind them, so I'm tired of them now. It would have been better for Jimin to dance alone.
  • Is the mechanical sound too loud? It's not what I was expecting, it's a bit disappointing.
  • I don't know if the song is really good, but I watched the music video to the end because he danced so well haha
  • BTS solos are so fun because they're not doing the usual things they do in Bangtan. Each member has a completely different style, so I think it's even cooler.
  • I don't like autotune... but towards the middle, it goes well with the song and I think the music video was very well chosen.
  • This is just... it's like a piece of art... it's magnificent, it's heartbreaking, it's so amazing.
  • I was so surprised to hear the intro,
  • The concept and artistry reminded me of Black Swan. It's awesome!
  • You're the best, Jimin-ah!


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