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(G)I-DLE Goes Retro Using Cassette Tapes With New Album "I SWAY"

(G)I-DLE Goes Retro Using Cassette Tapes With New Album "I SWAY"

The group (G)I-DLE releases the new album on cassette tape.

According to the agency Cube Entertainment on the 11th, the special version of (G)I-DLE's 7th mini album "I SWAY," which will be released on the 8th of next month, will be produced with cassette tapes.

The cassette player design drew attention to the comeback teaser poster that was released earlier, which is actually implemented.

The new album will come in three versions and special versions to mean wave, wind, and beat. It has color themes such as sky blue, neon yellow, and hot pink, just like fluttering waves, cool winds, and exciting music. It will be composed of booklets, lyrical books, photo cards, stickers, and mini posters.

Retro suits them well!

(G)I-DLE shot a career high with their second full-length album, "2," which was released in January. It sold more than 1.53 million copies in the first week and ranked fifth in the girl group history. This is also the best record for a girl group album this year.


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