CAP-TEEN (캡틴) is a 2020 teen reality survival show produced by CJ ENM and broadcast on Mnet. The show includes both young male and female trainees between the ages of 11 and 19 who will compete to debut as a solo, duo or group artist with the help of the nation's top choreographer and music producer.The first episode aired on November 19, 2020 and the show finalized on January 21, 2021. The winning contestant of the show, Song Suwoo, joined CJ ENM's newest label WAKEONE, and will make her debut later on in the year.


Lee Seungchul


Lee Sujung (vocals)
Chae Wootae (dance)
Simeez (dance)
Hangzoo (rap & judge (day 2))

Nov 19, 2020 - Jan 21, 2021
67 contestants
1 survivors
0 votes
4 episodes
63 day(s) duration

Rank of CAP-TEEN

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
1st Song Soowoo Song Soowoo WAKEONE

Episode 1

Aired: Nov 19, 2020

Episode: 1

CAP-TEEN starts with MC Jang Yewon introducing the concept of the show and day one begins with a talent evaluation where each contestant will be evaluated based on a performance they have prepared. Contestants will need to receive a 'pass' from two of four judges in order to advance to the next round, while those who do not pass will be eliminated. The judges panel, made up of Lee Seungchul, Jessi, Soyou and Shownu, take their seats to evaluate the first contestant. The first contestant of the show, Kang Himchan, sings "Man" by trot singer Na Hoona and receives a pass for his unique vocal performance. The next contestants to pass are Lee Dahyun, Kim Hanbyul, Cho Ayoung, Team All U and Yoo Dawon while contestants Oh Junhee, Choi Jungeun and Team Lovely Pink, did not receive a pass and are thus eliminated.

Episode 2

Aired: Nov 26, 2020

Episode: 2

The episode continues where it left off with the first day evaluations. The first contestant to be featured, Choi Yeeun, receives a pass for her excellent rap and dance performance. Following Yeeun, contestants Yoon Minseo, Park Seoyoon, Kim Hyungshin, Lee Hyeseung, Francisca and Han Byul also receive a pass. Meanwhile, Kim Hyunwoo and Jung Dain do not pass the judge evaluations. The first day of evaluation ends and the second day begins with rapper Hangzoo replacing Jessi as a judge. The next contestants to pass are Kim Hankyeom, Park Haewon, Jung Seona and Lee Yubin.

Episode 3

Aired: Dec 3, 2020

Episode: 3

The episode continues where it left off with the second day evaluations. The first contestant to be shown, U-Min, fails to impress any of the judges and receives no passes. The second contestant, Jeon Jungin, captures the attention of the judges with his soulful voice and receives a pass. After Jungin, Kwon Yeonwoo, Noh Hyunji, Park Hyerim, Yoo Jiny, Oh Seohyun, Yoo Sua, Kim Dohyun, Park Soyoon, Yoo Ayeon, Yoon Jiwoo, Sung Hyerin, Yoo Minha also receive a pass, while Team TWO EIGHT fail to pass the evaluations. Although their performances and results are not shown, the remaining trainees pass or fail. And so, the final day of talent evaluations comes to an end.

Episode 4

Aired: Dec 10, 2020

Episode: 4

The contestants of Team 'Language of Flowers' leave the stage in tears as Francisca is unexpectedly the eliminated member while Kim Hanbyul remains TOP. Next, Team 'Red-Haired Nnet' (Cho Sungho, Kim Yecha, Kim Hyunwoo and Choi Minseo) perform WINNER's "I'm Him" resulting in Kim Yechan's elimination while Minseo remains TOP. 'Girls and Lumberjack' (Kim Hankyeom, Jung Seona, Song Suwoo, Jeon Jungin) are next to perform with "A Little Girl" by Oh Hyuk resulting in Jung Seona's elimination and the TOP position to move from Song Suwoo to Jeon Jungin. The fourth performance of the day, Team 'Powerful Good Day' (Kim Jungyeon, Park Kyunghyun, Kang Himchan, Yoo Sua) performs "Good Day" by MeloMance however due to their poor performance as a group, no TOP member is chosen and Kim Jungyeon is eliminated. Next, Team 'HIP4' (Choi Yeeun, Park Hyerim, Cho Ayoung, Lee Hyeseung) perform MAMAMOO's "Hip" resulting in the elimination of Lee Hyeseung while the TOP position moves from Cho Ayoung to Choi Yeeun.