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The Idol Band: Boy's Battle

"The Idol Band: Boy's Battle" is a Korean-Japanese survival show created by FNC Entertainment. It will be broadcast on SBS M, SBS Fil in Korea and TBS in Japan starting from December 6, 2022. It is an audition program searching for members to create a new idol band that has both looks and musical talent.

CNBLUE (Judges)
N.Flying (Judges)
Kankaku Pierrot (Judges)
KEYTALK (Judges)
Han Sung Ho (Special Master)
Hatake (Special Master)
Nako (MC)
Rowoon (MC)
FNC Entertainment
Dec 6, 2022 - unknown
4 contestants
0 survivors
0 votes
0 episodes
day(s) duration

Contestants of The Idol Band: Boy's Battle

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